Best Cryptocurrency Exchange P2PB2B

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency analog, which is actively used by all countries for investing and trading. In the last decade, the demand for cryptocurrencies has grown significantly, which leads to the possible formation of it as a unified monetary system in the future. The best cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B offers dozens of cryptocurrencies for you to trade.

Variety of Cryptocurrencies

At the moment, there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, the most popular of which are:

  •  Bitcoin
  •  Ethereum
  •  Ripple
  •  Litecoin
  •  Binance Coin
  •  Polkadot
  •  Tether
  •  EOS
  •  Monero
  •  Stellar
  •  TRON
  •  Dash

According to the cryptocurrency exchange rates, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It was created in 2009 and is considered the gold of the market. It is an independent payment system that has become official in many countries around the world. The stability of the bitcoin is associated with a small number of coins in circulation (only 21 million) and a consistently high cost per one coin.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

The higher the indicator of the financial turnover of a trading exchange, the more successful and influential it is in the market. Financial turnover is achieved due to a large number of active users who participate in trades for large amounts. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges according to financial turnover:

  •  Binance
  •  Bybit
  •  Huobi
  •  StormGain
  •  Exmo
  •  Capital
  •  OKEx
  •  Bitfinex
  •  Bittrex
  •  Yobit

The first platform from the list, Binance, has a daily turnover of over $2,450,000,000, and the last, Yobit, has more than $16,800,000 daily turnover.

Why P2PB2B?


P2PB2B is the officially licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform to make secure and profitable trades. The website owns the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. SSL is an encrypting technology that protects all your entered data. The personal information is sent directly to the server without the possibility to catch or use it. So, all the data are well-protected.

A Broad Assortment 

P2PB2B offers over 300 currencies and 700 trading pairs. Here you can exchange both well-known coins and new trading titles:

  •  BTC/USD
  •  LTC/USD
  •  BCH/BTC
  •  XTZ/USD
  •  ETH/EUR


The website uses gamification technology that allows you to fully immerse in the trading process and get additional rewards in the trading competitions. When you create an account on, you get a referral link. Share it with your friends and let them register using your link. Then, you will receive up to 40% of the commission from each friend`s cryptocurrency exchange.