Ants And Why They Are A Major Nuisance In Portland

Homeowners in Portland are aware of how terrible ants can be when they decide to invite themselves to a house as they are never in a hurry to leave. In most instances, homeowners realize the presence of these unwanted guests during the warmer months when they become extra active. The realization of these tiny insects for many people comes when it is a little too late, and most probably they are already in large colonies. Primarily, this means that getting rid of them is not going to be easy and calls for enhanced elimination measures for a lasting solution.

However, before you rush to find a solution, it is vital to know the primary causes of ant infestations in a home. By knowing what always keeps these pests in your house, you have the upper hand in avoiding more terrible infestations. The primary factors that result in the presence of these nuisance pests are;

  1. Food source

This is always the primary factor that has to be addressed for most pest infestations, and in the instance of ant invasions, it is no different. A common attraction for these insects in most homes is the presence of uncovered food, spilled crumbs, and easy access to sugars. Since ants are small in size, they can quickly gain access through crevices, cracks, and small openings around the house. First, they typically send out scout ants, and once they find a good food supply, the entire colony will swarm the place.

It is not just human food that attracts ants as they equally have a liking for dog or cat food. As such, if you are always proactive in taking care of your food, then the weak point could be that dog food that is always left uncovered. The garbage can is another problem causing factor, and measures should be taken to avoid leaving food in the garbage for long as it will equally attract other pests such as flies and roaches.

  1. Water

Ants love places with lots of moisture and where better to find such conditions than in most homes. All it takes is consistent drips or leaks at one point, and this is always in areas near bathrooms, toilets, and the kitchen. Carpenter ants in particular love such areas as that is where they get to build their nests.

  1. Ant nests that are nearby

Many at times, many people get to have to deal with severe infestations because they live next to ant nests that are within their surroundings. Since the ants are always around the house, they can easily find their way in and will always find a way to get access to food and water.

Since there are lots of ant species, and getting effectively getting rid of them requires in-depth knowledge of their behaviors, it takes a specialist to handle the menace. Ant exterminators in Portland can save you from a lot of trial and errors in handling these pests as they use techniques that have been pre-approved for the extermination. They will not only go after the ants that are visible but will go after the entire colony that majorly remains hidden.