5 Ways to Get a Fun Backyard

A backyard is an outside private space, typically behind a house, with usually a hard surface and surrounded by walls or fences. Some people use their yard as another room and try keeping it as prettier and cozy as it can get, with a lot of luxurious patio furniture, while others prefer for it to be used by their kids to play in the fresh air or by them, throwing barbecue dinners in the summertime. Having an outdoor space like this can also mean extra room for some stuff, or even the possibility to consider having a pet due to the freedom they have.

Sure, sometimes it can be difficult coming up with ideas to improve these types of spaces due to their specific area and your needs and wishes for it, but here are some ways to inspire you to make it a more entertaining space, while keeping its functionality:

1 – Swing Sets and Playsets

Do you have kids? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to have one of those classic swing sets in your backyard, right now. Even though back in the days, a simple swing or slide was enough, as we didn’t need much and it was a source of so much fun, nowadays kids are used to more challenging and entertaining tasks. Can you imagine having one of those larger playsets in your house? Thankfully, there are a lot of playsets or swing sets in the market, with different sizes, features, and colors.

Not only can they offer a lot of activities and sports, but they can also look beautiful in your outdoors. Most of the activities consist of a classic swing set with a glider (which isn’t surprising as I’ve seen so many outdoor gliders for sale everywhere) climbing, monkey bars, and a wavy slide. Others can have more than a slide or extra tube slides – they will definitely wake up the kid in you!

In terms of design, most of these playsets are wooden, as it gives them a solid structure to be more resilient. Keep in mind that these are made to be super safe with no sharp corners and soft rubber covered swing chains, so your children’s safety is priority number one. What are you waiting for? Run to Swing-n-Slide, Lifetime, or Mountaineer to buy one!

2 – Backyard Gardening

Even with smaller backyards you can use them to grow some healthy food and herbs and at the same time, to create a fun family activity. Your kids can learn about vegetables and fruits while doing outdoor tasks and learning responsibilities. Having a garden in the outdoor can be a source of fresh food ready to be cooked, without you needing to leave the house to buy it, as it supplements family budget and improves mental health and even physical, as you have to prepare the soil, plant, water and prepare the seeds – it will all engage your muscles like a 30 minute gym workout. Experts say that gardening for about 45 minutes each morning, before any other work, prepares you physically and mentally to take the day on. Some jobs may be too big or cumbersome to take on alone – lawn maintenance, for example. There are lots of great professional services out there, such as trugreen tx, so make sure to see what’s available in your area if you’re trying to spruce up your outdoor space or curb appeal by tending to your lawn.

3 – Swimming Pool

What is better to reunite the family during summertime? A pool, of course! Depending on the space you have in your backyard, you can choose one that fits perfectly, and your kids will absolutely love it! Some have unique features like water features, amazing lighting, good materials, and modern designs, adding practicality to that luxurious vibe a pool instantly brings to the table.

Having this item in your house, especially in May to September, will increase health and happiness, acting like a stress relief, and it can also transform the space adding some aesthetic appeal. Last but not least, you can save money! Yes, it’s true, because it can provide you and your family an amazing holiday break without even getting out of the house, and spending big money on travel.

4 – BBQ

Barbeque is a tradition among some families during summer and it consists of fiery outdoor cooking, grilling, or smoking, with wood or gas. It’s a good way to get out of the routine and gather neighbors, friends, and the whole family. You’ll only need a grill, a lighting source, and food. The most common food used to grill are ribs, hamburgers, and sausages – I bet your mouth is already watering!

5 – Movie Theatre at Home

Going to the movies with your family nowadays can be expensive (and impossible in some places, due to the coronavirus safety measures), so the idea is a DIY movie theatre in the backyard. You will need a sheet or a screen, a projector (you can find some that aren’t as expensive with great quality) and a sound system like a speaker. It can be really easy and it’s a great way to get out of the routine and teach your kids about classic movies (even though they can also teach you something about superhero ones). Now that you have all you need, what movie will you choose? Horror or romantic? The choice is yours!

Evenings Stuck Indoors? Never Again!

Now, hopefully, you already have some ideas to get you inspired to reach a beautiful, fun, and stunning backyard! I hope that I could help you in some way and don’t forget that keeping the different areas of your house the most practical, fun and functional, will always lead to a better lifestyle! Thank you for reading!