5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Are Crucial For A Business

Getting your business out there is so incredibly important. How can promotional products get you well on your way to success?

No matter where you are on your marketing journey, there’s always something more you can be doing to get the word out about what you do. Whatever the size of your business or whatever industry you’re in, branded or promotional products can be the difference between being a successful business, and a company who, well, no one has ever heard of.

You see, due to the rapid changes in technology, we’re now able to carry out more effective marketing than ever before. Gone are the days where word-of-mouth was the only way to promote your business and get your products in front of the right eyes. These days, promotional products in all shapes and sizes are readily available, providing you find the right printer for your needs.

Companies such as Northern Flags, Europe’s largest wide format fabric printer, can provide businesses with high-quality prints on a variety of materials; think promotional pens, mugs, branded notebooks and USB sticks. By using an expert printing service, you’re automatically open to a whole host of benefits. Why are promotional products so crucial when marketing your business?

1. Exposure that lasts.

Quite possibly the best reason to distribute branded promotional products is the fact that they last. Long-lasting items which people can use every day, and that also possess your business name, logo and slogan, for example, give you constant and consistent exposure, especially if you’re using everyday items to get your message across. Look at it this way. If you work in the healthcare industry, then using healthcare promotional products such as lip balms, hand sanitizers, and first aid kits that have been branded to your business could be great ways to get exposure as every time they use this item, your business information will be there right in front of them. Also, items like this have the potential to last for a couple of months at least.

As people use your promotional products, they will begin to recognise your name and your brand. Better still, people are likely to use and keep promotional products they obtain for around two years until they get thrown away or recycled. In order to ensure that these products are kept for a long time, go for durable items that will stay in good shape even after being used often, such as promotional clipboards, usb drives, or mugs. This is two whole years of exposure that you’ll get without really thinking about it. Times that by how many people that have a promotional item from you, and that’s an awful lot of exposure.

2. It’s relatively low cost and effective.

Printing promotional products in bulk actually works out pretty cheap in the long run. It’s important to think about who you’ll distribute these items to and, when you’ve got your demographic right, you’ll get a ton of exposure for your money.

Think of it this way; you’ll be able to reach your target market on a much larger scale. You’ll always be in the back of their minds. Better still, the money you save from bulk printing can be put into other areas of marketing. Promotional products are just one way to get all eyes on you.

3. Goes hand-in-hand with other types of marketing.

It’s true – you can really use promotional products to your advantage. Not only can your freshly printed items be used as freebies at events and conferences, but they can be used as promotional gifts when someone signs up to a campaign, or even as a prize when you grab a target number of followers on social media!

You can play around with different ideas and marketing tactics. Marketing yourself can be a fun task and the more you experiment in different areas, the more you’ll be able to analyse the types of marketing that really work for your business; the types that get you the custom you need.

4. Customer loyalty.

Let’s be honest – people love it when they can see how much a brand cares about their customers. Promotional products can act as an incentive for a customer to not only consider a business when they need to make a purchase, but to actually choose that business, and be confident that they can deliver on quality and value.

If you give a customer something useful, something that they would be happy using time and time again, they will be more likely to appreciate it. Give them something that looks cheap and they will, more than likely, throw it straight in the bin.

5. Generate leads and sales.

Making a lasting impression is important. It’s crucial to remember to include contact details and ways to find out more information about you as a business – think phone numbers, email addresses and website URL.

Promotional products with the right contact details are a great way to generate extra leads and, in turn, more sales too. Including a call to action will provide you with a higher success rate than some higher forms of advertising, such as TV or radio ads.

Promotional products are a crucial marketing tactic.

Having the right marketing in place will see your success rates soar exponentially. How is your business using promotional products to further your exposure? Share your experience in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Northern Flags, Europe’s largest wide format printer. For more information about what they offer, visit their website: https://www.northernflags.com.