5 Features of Virtual Offices That Will Help Your Business Flourish

For business owners with bold ambitions, international expansion can offer a world of opportunities. Currently, the South East Asian market is one of the most popular destinations for young entrepreneurs and tech companies. It has a fertile labour market, logistical links to almost every corner of the planet, and it offers access to some very fast moving economies.

The Philippines is a particularly exciting location, with its friendly, diverse culture and affordable office real estate. It is much cheaper to rent an office here than it is in, say, Singapore or Malaysia, and the government just made it easier to start a company too. Foreign business owners can now hire a larger quota of international employees than ever before.

This guide to setting up a business in the Philippines will discuss one of the simplest ways to do it; the virtual office. Keep reading to find out why they are so useful.

Physical Business Address

The most immediate benefit of working from a virtual office is the opportunity to claim a physical address. This is really important for managers who have gotten used to working from home or a makeshift base in an out-of-the-way location. It interests investors and potential associates in the Philippines, you need a respected corporate address. Visit www.servcorp.com.ph/en/virtual-offices/ for information on the serviced facilities in Manila.

Back Office Support

The best serviced offices provide easy access to secretarial, administrative, PA, and tech support. In fact, the aim should be to provide a back-office array of such quality that residents don’t have to look elsewhere for advice and assistance. It is always cheaper to utilize the services provided by an in-house team because specialists aren’t going to be charging you extra for call-out fees. Whether you need help greeting guests, operating IT systems, or organizing files, all you have to do is ask. If you do need to use other back-office support services, you may want to look at a helpful page on peaksupport.io to see how they can provide the backing needed for specific duties so you have a choice of what to do.

Access to Boardrooms

When you’re new to a culture and its markets, the should not be underestimated. Without support from the right sponsors, clients, suppliers, and investors, you can find security and stability, as well as getting the inside scoop on what it takes to be a success. Look for an office which provides easy access to co-working spaces and a range of meeting environments such as boardrooms, presentation areas, and private consulting suites.

Negotiable Contracts

The popularity of flexible workspaces is on the rise and it is the result of a growing demand for more independence and control. Businesses no longer want to be subject to lengthy office rentals (in many cases lasting 2-5 years or more). They are keener to experiment work mobile networking and remote employees. Serviced offices support this demand because they are offered on a rolling basis. Most give tenants the chance to renegotiate their terms and services on a monthly or six monthly basis.

24/7 Telephone Answering

It makes sense to think that, the longer you stay connected (your business hours), the more opportunities you’ll have to delight customers, secure investment opportunities, and make the most of what the Philippines has to offer. However, this isn’t always easy when a portion of your demographic is in a different time zone. Fortunately, most serviced facilities provide 24/7 receptionists, so that you never have to put your business to sleep.

How to Find the Right Serviced Office

There are a number of serviced office facilities in the capital city of Manila. The most prestigious are found in and around the Ayala Avenue district, which is one of the most important corporate and financial hubs in the Philippines. If you decide that this is the right option for your business, it is a good idea to arrange a tour of your chosen facility. Check out the features on offer, ask questions, and learn more about the benefits of going virtual.