5 Essential Things to Do After a Car Accident in Mission Viejo, CA

On average, about 6 million car accidents happen around the U.S. and Canada every year. As a commuter city located within Orange County, California, Mission Viejo is not an exception to more populated places like Ottawa where lawyers such as Yegendorf Law Firm routinely deal with fatal car accidents.

It’s essential to know what to do when an accident occurs. Getting into an accident leaves motorists, at the very least, shocked and disoriented. With all the chaos, it may be a challenge to remember the most important things to do after an accident.

From alarming the police to calling the most competent car accident attorney mission viejo ca, here are five crucial things to do during a traffic emergency.

  1. Secure a Police Report

The first thing anyone should do right after an accident happens is to make sure the authorities are involved.

Get the police right away on the scene even when there are no apparent injuries to those involved. An ambulance can also be dispatched right away to cover any medical needs. Tell them you’re not sure if you’re injured even when you feel fine at that moment. Injuries from vehicular collisions usually come out days after the incident.

An accident also needs to have a police report for insurance and other possible claims following the incident.

As much as possible, give an accurate account of what happened once the police arrive. Be objective and try not to let your emotions take over. You should also corroborate any statements made by the other parties involved.

  • Secure the Area and Take Photos

While waiting for the police, make sure all the vehicles involved in the accident remain in the scene. Should this happen, a hit-and-run complaint may be filed with the police.

Make sure to keep your headlights and flashers on if the accident happened at night. If the impact damaged them, use a flashlight to keep the area visible.

You should also take as many photos as you can of the vehicles and its surroundings for the police report and insurance claim. Visible injuries should also be photographed, as well.

  • Obtain the Information of the Other Party

Ask for the other party’s information, including their phone number and insurance provider. If there are other people involved, ask for their contact information. You should ask bystanders for their information in case you need help in verifying specific details of the accident. Give your information to the other party as well.

The police will usually do the same. They will offer you a contact number where you can follow up with the police report.

  • Get Checked Out for Injuries

Whether you have visible injuries or not, you should still get yourself checked out by a medical professional. The biggest mistake that a person can make after an accident is to shake off possible injuries.

Bruises and internal bleeding usually manifest a few days after an accident, which can become dangerous, especially for head injuries.

Do not just walk off an accident. If an ambulance is deployed to the scene, have a paramedic check you for injuries. Otherwise, it’s best to go to the emergency room.

  • Call Your Insurance and Lawyer

Once you have been checked out and information for the police report has been taken, call your insurance provider right away. If you are unsure about how your insurance provider can help you following an accident, you can get more info by making a call to them, or by visiting their office at the earliest.

If the other party asks you to sign a waiver or tries to record your statement, decline. It will be best to look for the most competent car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, CA and ask for advice.

It’s also great to have a lawyer expert in car accident litigations on board if you think you are having a hard time claiming your insurance.

You will never know when an accident might happen, so you need to be prepared.

However, should you experience any anomalies with your insurance claim, it is best to get expert advice. Look for a lawyer who specializes in car accidents in Mission Viejo for emergency cases.