4 Reasons to Choose Paper Bottle Bags Instead of Plastic

If you sell bottles of wine or other alcohol, it’s a nice idea to provide your customers with branded bottle bags to raise awareness for your brand while also helping those customers carry and present what you provide. Here are just four reasons it makes sense to use paper bottle bags instead of plastic.

  1. Easier to Brand

The whole point of providing branded bottle bags is to expose more people to your business. Anyone who sees your customer carrying that bag will be shown your branding, and the customer themselves will be reminded of your business whenever they use the bag. As such, it makes sense to choose the material that takes printing best, and that means choosing paper over plastic – it doesn’t stretch and tends to take more vibrant designs.

  1. Less Likely to Break

Most plastic bottle bags aren’t made to last, which means people won’t trust them as much or keep them around as long. That’s obviously not ideal for your promotional efforts, so invest in paper bottle bags instead for something that should last a long time. They’re so durable that people often use them for packaging when giving a bottle as a gift.

  1. More Eco-Friendly

Plastic bags aren’t as bad for the environment as they used to be, but they’re still nowhere near as eco-friendly as paper bags. If you want to foster an eco-friendly image, it makes sense to avoid plastic bagging products whenever possible.

  1. Premium Feel and Appearance

Finally, keep in mind that plastic bottle bags don’t usually feel very comfortable in the hand. Plastic isn’t a particularly pleasant material to hold at the best of times, and the weight of the bottle usually causes the handles to bunch up and dig into your hands. Paper feels better and doesn’t tend to bunch up.