3 Ways to Save Money When Hiring an Attorney

There are many events in life that require an attorney. Divorce, deals gone wrong, workers compensation cases, criminal cases, personal injury suits are just a few. However, life doesn’t hand out monetary stipends to help take care of the curve balls it throws.

Most of aren’t wealthy enough to own the car of our dreams much less live in Beverly Hills. So, when life makes things interesting and a lawyer is necessary to help us put the pieces of our life back together, it’s imperative that we invest slowly and with much prudence. Below are a few ways to help you do just that.

Choose Wisely

Have you ever been that kid that wanted to stay up past your bedtime and watch the movie you would normally be forbidden to watch? Then, Mom and Dad saw an opportunity. They gave you a choice. Usually, it went to the tune of you could stay up and watch the movie or you could play outside an extra hour the next day.

The deal was always a sweet one, but the decision was one that took wisdom not normally befitting a child. Believe it or not, choosing an attorney is the same thing, but as an adult, we obviously have a little better grasp on wisdom. If you want to save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars, take your time choosing your representation.

You want someone with a great reputation not only for winning but for people skills. An attorney that understands your monetary situation and empathizes is more likely to help you avoid unnecessary fees.

Flat Fees Are the Greatest

Law firms charge different types of fees for different types of cases. They can charge by the hour, use a contingency fee, a capped fee, or request a flat fee. If you have a more simple case such as an uncontested divorce, a last will and testament, or a first offense misdemeanor, you may want to ask about the possibility of a flat fee.

In the process, make sure to check around and get an idea of what an appropriate cost is for the type of service you require. There may be a firm that will offer you a lower fee to secure your business. Besides, it never hurts to be informed when dealing with any part of the justice system.

Do What You Can

If you are like the millions who live under the poverty line, you know what it is like to search for cheaper ways to do things. Washing your own car is cheaper than running through the carwash. Any car savvy adult knows that changing your own oil and replacing your own car parts can save you hundreds on labor.

Rigging your home to run a little greener saves money on the light bill and combining trips into town saves on gas. What do these things have in common? They are things we do by ourselves instead of having someone else do them in order to save money. You can save a little cash doing the same thing when working with your attorney.

Especially if you are being charged by the hour. Gather all the information your lawyer needs to handle the case properly. Make any phones calls you can on your own, as well. Just make sure to clear things with your attorney so you don’t overstep your boundaries or duplicate work he/she has already done.

Life cost us enough money already. With these tips, hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to.