3 Important Reasons to Use Organic Cotton Bags

Making the switch from plastic bags to cotton is certainly a step in the right direction, but it’s worth remembering that not all cotton is created equal. Or, to be more specific, not all cotton is made equal. Some is still produced using fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals, while other cotton is produced organically.

Here are just three reasons you should ensure your cotton shopping bags are organic.

  1. More Eco-Friendly

It should come as no surprise to find that farming cotton without spraying any chemicals is better for the environment. When produced organically, cotton uses less carbon, fuel, and energy, so it helps save precious resources. It also avoids any water contamination and doesn’t compromise the health of workers. Perhaps most importantly, the lack of excessive fertilizers and pesticides means nothing is left in the soil to create long term damage.

  1. Nicer to Your Skin

Though cotton produced using pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals will be cleaned before being made into garments and other items, it still retains some of those chemicals. Anyone with allergies or a specific chemical sensitivity will find it much more comfortable to have organic cotton next to their skin. It’s obviously a more important benefit when considering clothing, but it’s still nice to provide cotton bags that feel nice to the touch.

  1. Better for the Growers

Cotton is a big business, and not just in terms of pounds and pennies. There are an estimated 100 million cotton farmers spread across 80 countries, and the ones who farm organic cotton tend to enjoy much safer conditions. That’s partly due to the absence of chemicals, but organic cotton farmers also usually benefit from more stringent safety requirements and get paid better thanks to Fairtrade practices. By ordering and using organic cotton bags, you can help support a better way of life for people all across the globe.