10 Reasons your House isn’t Selling

It is quite frustrating when you list your house for sale on the property market and the progress is not forthcoming. In fact, you will find yourself in a situation where you are constantly checking your phone to see if there are any calls you might have missed from prospective buyers.

Well, the best thing to do is find out why your house is not selling. Here are some house selling tips and top reasons why you are struggling to find a suitable buyer for your home despite all the investments you have made:

  • It is too expensive–It is likely that you have priced your property out of the market. Thus, you will do well to review your price by first looking at the prices of similar homes within the location of your area. In particular, you will do well to check the sold prices of property that were listed at the same time as yours but is already sold.

While at it, keep in mind that as buyers search for property, they may sometimes set a maximum price that falls within their budget thus locking out your listing. Even then, in some instances, dropping the asking price a little might be an effective way of attracting more buyers. You also must keep in mind that even after the price drop, prospective buyers may still want to negotiate the price further so be sure to leave room to haggle.

  • Poor quality photos – The majority of house buyers usually start their search online. Thus, you need to ensure you provide as much accurate information as possible to enable them make an informed decision.

Putting up poor quality photos can be a big turn odd, as they do not portray the glory of your house hence they are unlikely to generate any interest. Therefore, take a closer look at the photos to ensure that they are appealing and are a true representation of your property. Make sure you get in any expensive items you may have had fitted to your property such as new doors, luxury bathrooms or modern Apollo kitchen worktops.

  • Poor timing – It is generally believed that selling houses at the height of summer can be a toll order as most of the people are enjoying their holidays. On the other hand, selling during winter is also not a good idea. This is not to say you cannot sell your house during these seasons. Rather, you need to understand how this affects the duration which your house may stay on the market.
  • You have not depersonalized your house – If the first impression the prospective buyers gets about your house is that it is overly personalized, they you might want to try and depersonalize as this can be a huge setback to your quest to sell the house. You will do well to minimize the number of photos, your collection of teddy bears as well as wall paintings to allow prospective buyers to see themselves in your house and how they will make use of the space.
  • You are unavailable for viewings–If you are not available for viewings often times, then you are bound to discourage most of the prospective buyers. Remember, most of the people will set aside time to view various properties once thus putting them off could as well be a huge turn off prompting them to look at the next best alternative.
  • You bombard buyers – In most cases, you will do this unknowingly. Always ensure that you are not overbearing when you get a request for viewing. Instead, let the potential buyer view the property at their pace while also giving them room to breathe. Putting up a strong sales pitch coupled with information overload will definitely put them off.
  • You are not learning lessons – You will do well to pick learning points from the viewings you will have. For instance, if all viewers are always asking you the same question then you need to fix the issue. Otherwise failing to take the issue seriously could be the reason you are unable to sell.
  • First impressions –A good first impression is important if you must sell your house. Even then, it is easy to pay attention to the inside of the house while neglecting to tidy up the outside, which is the first place, buyers will meet. Thus, be sure to get the front garden in shape and ensure that the doors and windows are clean. In addition, be sure to empty the bins and remove all rubbish from sight.
  • Pets – While you may be attached to your pet, they may be a turn off for prospective buyers. Keep in mind that some of the buyers may be put off, as they are nervous around animals. Therefore, do not let your pets dominate the viewing. Even for lovers of pets, they may not necessarily be happy with the presence of the pets during viewing.
  • You chose a wrong estate agent –You may have signed up with a wrong agent. Thus, ensure that you get the best service otherwise, you can terminate the contract depending on the terms.

Overall, if your house has been on the market for long and you are not selling, it is important to step back and take an audit of several factors such as those discussed above to determine why and work on a way out.