How Welcoming Is Australia towards LGBTIQ Communities?

The colloquialism “Aussie” was first used during the World War I and referred to Australian-born people with an Irish or British ancestry. The word Aussie described an individual with a happy-go-lucky nature who didn’t bow down but instead battled through tough times to rise above again.

Australia is one of the most progressive societies in the world right now when it comes to LGBTIQ issues. The society has always been very accepting of people with different beliefs, and its treatment of LGBTIQ is no different. People who have a different sexual orientation than heterosexual have respectable positions in workplaces, issues relating to gay health information re being addressed more openly.

Australia has come a long way in terms of LGBTIQ acceptance. Gay topics are now being discussed more openly in societies, and the general public is becoming more educated and tolerant. Communities are becoming more inclusive and understanding of the LGBTIQ+ community. Increasingly, even gay porn videos (available on platforms like GayPornHD), and other porn videos related to LGBTIQ are becoming more acceptable and appreciated. Taboo topics related to LGBTQ are also being discussed openly and without judgment, which is a positive sign that society is becoming more accepting.

According to estimates, the LGBTIQ community makes for about 5% of the population. These communities are scattered throughout different states, however here are some in which the population is so visible that it looks like every 1 in 5 person is anything but straight.

Interested in knowing which states are the most queer-friendly places in Australia? We have a list of 4.

1. Sydney:

Sydney is the home of the LGBTIQ community in Australia. It is one of the most diverse states that openly supports the rights of LGBTIQ community. A surge in their population can be spotted during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras carnival held each year in Sydney, when the LGBTIQ commmunity from all around the globe come together and enjoy the extravagant event that lasts for days.

2. Melbourne

Ever since its establishment as a city, Melbourne has taken influence from European cultures, food, fashion, and architecture. As for the LGBTIQ community, it offers refined and chilled out experiences. All those who can’t find themselves with a space to live in Sydney come here. Also known as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne is no wonder labeled as one of the most liveable cities across the globe.

3. Daylesford

Daylesford is a calm Swiss-Italian influenced place at a drive of two hours from Melbourne. It offers an oasis of beautiful lakes, crystal clear springs, sinfully rejuvenating retreats, and more.

4. Tasmania

Even though it was the last state to pass the gay law reforms in late 1997, there are some visible gay places such as Launceston and Hobart.

If you identify anywhere on the spectrum of sexuality, be at ease because you will find many places in Australia where you will feel right at home. There is nothing more Aussie than enjoying your freedom and living your life the way you want to, and Australia will love you for being who you are.