The Ultimate Bedtime Playlist

The sun has set, the clock is winding down, and bedtime is now in sight. We all know how difficult it can be at times to put our feisty little ones to sleep. To aid us in this delicate process you’ll need a playlist to help persuade your toddler to go to bed.

The best way to begin the bedtime process is to not let your little one watch TV up to thirty minutes before you expect them to sleep. The blue light emitted by the television tends to trick our bodies into staying awake longer than they need to. However, if you separately need to use a computer after their bedtime, then you may want to look into websites like to see how you can calm down the screen light harshness of the electronics if you need to work. After you turn the TV off immediately start the following playlist. Use these songs to help shepherd your child through the process of cleaning up their toys, preparing for the next day, brushing their teeth, and changing into their pyjamas – hopefully establishing a fun routine in the process!

John Mayer- Why Georgia

Get your kid off the couch and moving with this breezy John Mayer deep cut. Why Georgia has just the right combination of tempo and crooning to both motivate your child while simultaneously slowing their engine down. It’s a welcoming song that they whole family can jive and sing along to.

Incubus- Aqueous Transmission
Incubus is typically known for their lustful ballads, but in this oddball song they embrace Eastern sounds to create a lush garden of rhyme and texture to help lull you and your child to sleep. Each beat seems to be drawn out forever as Incubus coaxes you ‘’further down the river.”

Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

Sorry Christ Martin, although putting us to sleep probably wasn’t your intention, this classic Coldplay jam does just that. But really what should he expect with the light pitter patter of drums and whispering vocals? Strawberry Swing is the perfect song to take us from waking to sleeping states.

Bon Iver- Woods

Even diehard Bon Iver fans may have never head of this hidden gem. As you listen you’ll notice that Woods is a masterpiece that’s created solely in part to autotuned and Justin Vernon’s voice. Silence and vocals work together to create a dreamy tune that can almost barely be called a song. If this one doesn’t put you and your toddler to sleep you might as well bite the bullet and stay up together to binge the rest of Stranger Things.