How Can Tradies Improve Customer Service

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The question on how to improve customer service can be sensibly address with just one answer: by using a software for tradies. This single answer comes with several reasons that many self-employed individuals should consider as they contemplate on using software tools to improve customer service.

  1. Using Software And Improving Efficiency

One of the most important ways to ensure excellent customer service is delivering services efficiently. No customer will not appreciate an efficient service. Arranging a job request should be a quick and easy process. As much as possible, it should no longer be necessary to discuss the basics of the services being offered over the phone. A good software for tradies can already orient customers about the basics of what you can do for them. As much as possible, phone conversations should only be about the intricate details or the important terms of the service that may not be adequately explained through texts on a website.

On the other hand, it’s vital to make sure that job schedules are properly handled. If you do scheduling manually, you are eventually most likely going to encounter problems such as overlapping schedules, forgotten appointments, wrong customer details, or errors on billing. Worse, there might be instances when you fail to properly invoice or fail to invoice a customer altogether because you get confused with your schedules.

Moreover, software can be used to make quick and accurate quotes. For HVAC professionals, for example, there are hvac service management software that make it possible to have quick turnarounds on job requests. Quotes for the job to be done can then be promptly sent to expedite the process of scheduling the job and get the problem addressed more quickly.

  1. Quick Glimpse of Activities

The use of software makes creates a convenient way for comprehensively viewing information about jobs, from the ones that have already been completed to the ones still being done and the ones newly scheduled. This ability to have a quick glimpse of job details and other related information makes it easier to improve customer service. You can follow-up on customers, for example, to check if a recent repair you did (something you are not so sure of the outcome) is not creating problems that can possibly disrepute your business. Also, you can use this convenient access to comprehensive jobs and customer information to effectively handle complaints. This makes it faster to trace possible causes of problems or to quickly determine whether or not the complaint has basis. If the problem involves pecuniary matters (inaccurate invoices for example), it should be easy to address complaints if you have quick access to comprehensive information about your business activities. This is about being organized so you can properly handle deal with your customers or clients.

  1. Automation

Software that facilitates customer service or the interaction with current and potential customers can be configured to automate certain tasks. For example, when a customer contacts customer service via email or SMS, a reply can be automatically sent telling the customer what to do next or advising customers to refer to a knowledge base as the answer they are looking may already be there. Sometimes, customer concerns can readily be addressed by going over references, guides, or tutorials online.  Customers will appreciate being directed to web guides instead of waiting in queue to interact with a human customer service representative if their concern is something that can adequately be resolved by reading instructions or notes online.

It’s important to point out, however, that there are many customers who are not that keen on automation. There are those who simply dislike the idea that they are getting or responding to automated messages. To avoid putting off these customers, you need to learn how to automate while still maintaining that “personal touch.” For one, be sure that if you automate, the system totally works and does not end up making the customer repeatedly respond to your automated messages. Be sure that you promptly respond to inquiries, concerns, and complaints. As much as possible, provide customers the option to directly contact you (through your phone, email, or social media account). If customers don’t want to deal with bots, they should be able to communicate with you as soon as possible.

  1. Availability

You can improve your ability to respond to customers by using a mobile software for tradies. Through this, you can be able to more quickly respond to customers—be “more available.” Customers who reach out to you, especially those who contact you online, would always appreciate a quick response and tend to not care about the duration of traditional business hours. It’s always plus if you are able to promptly respond to their inquiries or concerns even during hours when most other businesses have already closed for the day.

  1. Getting and Responding to Feedback from Customers

Software for tradies can also be used to efficiently gather feedback from customers. A rating system may be used or the software may integrate with social media or other online accounts to enable the sending of messages regarding your service, the submission of forms, or the ability to leave scores or ratings. Customer feedback is essential in evaluating how well you have been conducting your business and in identifying bad experiences so you can rectify your mistakes and improve your business. It’s necessary to have a way to know what customers think of the services you do. Otherwise, you may end up being avoided by potential customers without you realizing it. Never think that it’s enough that you complete a job request, get paid, and move on. The customers you have served before may contact you again if they need to have something fixed again or simply blacklist and spread negative word of mouth about you depending on how well you did your business with them.


Technology, software and the internet in particular, is a formidable allywhen it comes to improving customer service.  It’s important to bear in mind, though, that the human factor still greatly matters. Technology should only be used as a tool instead of serving the backbone of your customer service. To truly deliver excellent customer service, it’s important to always make it a goal to satisfy or even impress your customers.

As mentioned, using software for customer service already provides many ways through which you can improve customer service. If you prefer not using software, though, just remember that improving customer service is about delivering efficient service, being available most of the time as much as possible, being organized, and being active in getting and responding to customer feedback.