Top Business Leaders You Should Follow in 2020

Success is like climbing a mountain, built on struggle, motivation and inspiration. Over the past few decades, some of the top business tycoons have built empires with major outcomes to the global economy, leaving serious footprints in the financial market and inspiring millions of people. They influence those who want to get into business school and start their own journey down this path in the hopes that they too can make a mark in this sector. Using resources like Fortuna Admissions to help with MBA tips, as well as revising until sun up/down to get to where they need to be.

Most of them started from the bottom, with small companies, and crawl their way into the top with endurance, changing the business world with a vision of their own. They overachieved leadership through their hard work and are now at the top of their fields. These business experts have contributed greatly to the expansion of their enterprises, not only through their entrepreneurial journey but also due to their passionate personalities, distinguished worldwide. They also prioritize similar wealth-building strategies, such as saving as much as possible and generating multiple revenue streams. Entrepreneurs prefer low-cost index funds and real estate when it comes to investing. Millionaires are also thrifty, observant, and resilient, all of which contribute to their wealth-building efforts. And they motivate many people to invest in businesses. If interested, you can take some inspiration from them by reading the blog posts on websites like about their net worth and learning what you can do to become as successful as they are.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the top entrepreneurs who’ve achieved greatness in their respective fields and served as an inspiration to us all. Here is the list of the top five business world tycoons who started from scratch, and are being followed by the whole world, in 2020:

Jeff Bezos – CEO and Founder, Amazon

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded the e-commerce solution Amazon in his garage, in Seattle. What started as a small start-up, it grew rapidly into the top worldwide online marketplace and at at the age of 55, he owns an empire worth US$108.2 billion.

Graduating from Princeton in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, he is now a retail entrepreneur, investor, chairman, and CEO of Amazon. Bezos also founded Blue Origin (an Aerospace Company) based on his passion for space traveling. In this latest project, he’s working on launching and building reusable rockets, alongside SpaceX, Boeing, and NASA, who are working together towards a mission called: ‘Humans on Moon by 2024′ which also has another potential goal: colonies on Mars, by the 2030s. There is a whole industry of jobs that are being created by these companies, focusing on aerospace supply chain, manufacturing of parts, R&D, and so on. Those interested in following in his footsteps may want to think about getting into these spheres. He’s also introducing many projects in robotics and space technology for future expansion, so expect big news in 2020 from his companies.

Warren Buffett – CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren was inspired by a borrowed book ‘One Thousand Ways to Make $1000′ at the tender age of seven. Also known as ‘The Oracle of Omaha’, Buffet has built an empire worth of US$ 82.4 billion, owing more than 60 companies across the globe, such as Geico, battery maker Duracell, and restaurant chain Dairy Queen.

He started from scratch selling work magazines door to door, golf balls, and stamps as a teenager. After getting rejected from Harvard Business School, Buffet went to Columbia where he became the apprentice of Benjamin Graham. His investment philosophy has contributed to the world a unique and very interesting bargain-buying strategy for a new generation of investors to come.

In 2010 he and Bill Gates joined hands and formed ‘The Giving Pledge’ to encourage other wealthy individuals to pursue philanthropy, asking billionaires to commit and donate half their wealth to a charitable trust. He’s considered a great role model for investors of the next generation. Even though he has lost around $7 billion on his last 3 big investments, you should expect some big moves, in 2020, from this magnate.

Bernard Arnault – CEO of LVMH

A French business tycoon, investor, and art collector, Arnault is the Chairman and Chief Executive of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. Bernard Arnault started building his own path by being a partner at Salomon Brothers, a Wall Street investment bank, before he started his own company. At the time, he found stock trading quite arduous work, but with our technological advances, nowadays even beginners can easily get into this business. If you’re curious about which trading apps can help you get into stock trading more easily, take a look at

In 1981, he launched Bloomberg L.P., an information technology and media company that has now grown to be worth $100.2 billion with more than 100 offices worldwide. He also bought Christian Dior when he joined the business and helped revive the company, serving as the Chairperson since 1989. Also, LVMH has recently announced that it will bring new jobs to the U.S. – a strategy to generate 1,000 jobs in the next five years, which Louis Vuitton has contributed with an educational training program to American Workers, launched last year.

Arnault’s contribution to the business world has been to provide high quality and traditional values, as well as inspiring everyone to do the same.

Carlos Slim – Mexican Business Tycoon

Carlos owns more than 200 companies in industries ranging from banking to retail, and even to telecommunications. Slim is an engineer, investor, philanthropist, and served as the CEO of Telmex, America Movil (the largest mobile phone company in Latin America), and Grupo Carso, which includes a host of retailers and restaurants, among other companies, building a net worth of US$64 billion.

Carlos completed his Civil Engineering degree and started working in 1961 as a Stock Trader in Mexico. He is now the largest single shareholder in the New York Times and owns stakes in consumer goods, mining, Mexican construction, and estate companies. We can rapidly comprehend that no one understands better the business of the stock market like Slim, but he also enjoys showing another part of his personality, especially when he supported the President of Mexico in fighting corruption and promoting economic growth.

Larry Ellison – Founder and CTO, Oracle

By the age of 72, Ellison is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, co-founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Corporation. He introduces himself as an average student with a fling for complicated subjects like spaceship construction, high technology, and engineering. Ellison co-founded the software firm Oracle, in 1977, mainly to tap into the growing need for customer relationship management databases. He’s now one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of US$62.5 billion.

In May 2016, Ellison pledged $200 million to the University of Southern California for a cancer treatment center and has donated up to 1% of his wealth, while also taking part in ‘The Giving Pledge’ commitment campaign, founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Even though the last news we’ve got from him was of his recent purchase of a Hawaiian Island, due to the Corona outbreak, we should expect big moves from him, this year.

Dream Big, Work Hard, Make It Happen

These top business tycoons are just a glimpse of how hope and persistence can work together in order to and achieve greatness. These men are the living proof that dreams can be just around the corner if you work hard and believe in your power to invest, create, and build something of your own. They are also great personalities who still work hard to maintain their positions, having still a great impact on the world economy, while at the same time serving as inspiration for future generations to reach out for success.