Smart tips to attract more customers to your retail store

No matter how wonderful your business’s products and services are, you will struggle to be successful unless you have customers who are willing to pay for them time and time again.

Research has it that most small businesses fail within their first two years as a result of cash-flow problems. For some, cash-flow problems arise due to inexperience and the mismanagement of money, for others, it is simply a sales and revenue problem. This is not because customers don’t want to buy, but because they don’t know your business exists in the first place.

Apart from having great products and services, good marketing is key if you want to attract the customers that will make your retail store a success. Here are a few tips to attract more foot traffic to your store:

Offer discounts and deals

Discounts, deals, coupons, clearance sales are some of the ways you can attract customers into your store. It is no secret that people love freebies and discount sales. The key is to properly publicise deals so that enough people will come and visit you to take advantage of the offer. This gets people in the door and gives them a chance to be exposed to your brand.

Use social media, bulletin boards, and online directories to talk about your promos. Make sure to build up a buzz in the days and weeks before, and people will make plans to visit your business.

Promote customer value

Did you know that repeat customers buy three times more than new customers? This shows us how valuable customer loyalty is to your business in the long term. Once you start attracting customers to your retail outlet, the next thing to do is make them feel appreciated so that they can convert from one-time buyers into loyal customers.

When you build long-lasting relationships with your customers, they can confidently recommend your store to their friends and family, effectively boosting your customer base and increasing your earning potential. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly valuable in this way. 

Train your workers

Returning customers remember their experience while shopping more when they’ve had a good experience at your store. In fact, studies have shown that when you offer your customers a personalized experience, they would want to come again.

In order to provide this type of experience to your customers, you will have to train your workers in customer service and professionalism consistently. This will also boost your brand image and create a bond between customers and your workers.

However, it is not enough to train your workers in customer service; you also have to provide a good working environment for them, implementing an ergonomic workplace design that would foster productivity. Inspired staff are more likely to go that extra mile for the customer and stay committed to working for your business.

Get involved in volunteer work

Do you know why big brands spend huge sums of money on developing a model of Corporate Social Responsibility? Because it is such a huge opportunity to sell their brand philosophy without marketing it. Customers love it when businesses give back to society, and they tend to be more likely to support businesses that give back.

You don’t have to spend millions to fulfil your corporate social responsibility, simply getting involved in community work, helping out at local charities, and sponsoring local community events is enough to get you noticed. Most times, all that is required of you is just your time, effort and physical presence.

While some of these methods may not work for every business, these are some ideas to try out for your retail store. Try some today, and measure to see how much customer growth your business experiences.