SEO London: The Importance Of Investing In SEO To Increase Your Online Presence

Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), your business simply has no chance of getting noticed and capturing leads. There is no excuse for not using this tool either, we all have to accept the help of the internet these days as it is now the only form of marketing we have to rely on for fantastic results! Not to mention there are plenty of SEO companies out there such as Octiv Digital, which are accessible and available online to help you. There is nothing standing in your way to grow and expand, and more importantly, to excel in your business through this tool.

If people don’t know you exist because you appear on page 10 of the SERPs, how do you expect to make any sales? Even if you run a small location-based business, people will mostly be using the internet to find you, so local SEO should be a priority. This is regardless of what type of business you are running, whether that be an online clothing line, a booking portal or even a marijuana business. It might come as a surprise, but marijuana web design for businesses and SEO is just as important as it is for other online businesses. Whatever business you are in, gaining maximum SEO is crucial to running a successful business now that the internet is such a large part of our lives. You wouldn’t think it, but even medical and dental services need to make the most out of their SEO. Websites such as help to get your dental business on page one of the SERP (search engine results page) and therefore help your business to meet its full potential.

Understandably, it will be harder to rank in some industries or locations than others, depending on the amount of competition for your business’ key search terms and the saturation of your market.

Take SEO London for example, it could arguably be deemed the most difficult but even more essential. Competition in a big city like London is huge, due to the population and sheer volume of businesses trying to pave their way to success. If you want to be recognised and build a brand reputation in the big city, SEO London must be a huge part of your business strategy.

Unfortunately, Google are changing their ranking factors practically every day, so it is almost impossible to keep up. Investing in professional SEO London services is a great way to make sure that you are giving your business as much chance of building an online presence as possible.

Why invest in SEO London services?

Get noticed

First and foremost, your business should consider investing in professional SEO services to get yourself noticed. With practically any service available at the click of a button, people will go for the quickest and easiest option out there – they won’t spend time scrolling through the search results.

As consumers ourselves, we all know that most of the time we click through to businesses ranking at the very top of Google, simply out of ease. Because of this, ranking any lower than third or fourth or, even worse, not appearing on the first page, is just not good enough. You simply won’t be seen.

Investing in SEO and in particular SEO London services, essentially gives your business increased opportunity for building an online brand reputation. If your business has a strong idea of who you are and is confident in the quality of your product/service, SEO simply allows other people to see and recognise this too.

There are many SEO agencies out there who will claim that they can boost your business up the search results in a matter of weeks, don’t trust them. To rank and stay ranking, you should ensure that you work with an agency that is completely trustworthy and uses tried-and-tested high-quality strategies to get businesses where they need to be.

Bigfoot Digital are an SEO agency based in Yorkshire who work with clients across the UK to develop unique long-term strategies for businesses to get them ranking number one for their desired search terms. Whether your business needs specifically SEO London advice or you need to rank in another big city, it is worth getting in touch to see how the award-winning agency can help you.

Bring in leads

Although successful SEO doesn’t take off overnight, especially when it comes to SEO London or trying to rank in a big city, once you start to see results, you will no doubt notice an increase in your leads too.

Before taking SEO into account, you may have been one of the many businesses lost in the abyss of the SERPs. Prioritising SEO means that, after a few months, you will start to emerge and move up the rankings. The higher up the search results you appear, the higher your click-through rates will be. More clicks generally means more conversions, if your site is up to scratch. Whoever holds first position in the SERPs has been found to receive around a whopping 33% of all traffic, so SEO is definitely worth paying close attention to!


Making the most of professional SEO services out there can also allow you to compete with big names in your industry. Big recognised brands don’t tend to need SEO as much because consumers will already know who they are and what they offer.

SEO London and general SEO therefore gives you the opportunity to rank alongside these big names and be the first thing that people see when they search for a product/service. If you don’t you will never be able to compete and bring in leads.

There are plenty of people out there who are not interested in using big brands, so it’s important to make sure your business is there and stands out to reel these people in.


Finally, your business needs SEO to allow itself to grow. Working with professionals to devise and implement an online strategy means that, after a few months, the amount of leads you see coming in will increase. More leads = more sales! Once your business has an increased revenue, you can start to invest and grow in other areas.