How to Save Money on Your Household Bills

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No matter the time of year, or what is going on in your life, one thing is certain: the bills continue to come in! It’s a given for all of us, and we can’t get away from it. Every household has bills to pay – rent, rates, the mortgage and – for its entire life – the energy bills. Nobody can live without electricity, and gas is also a ubiquitous commodity, and we are always looking at ways to save money on household bills. There are some simple ways to do this: shopping in bulk, for example, saves you money over buying in bits and pieces, and walking or cycling rather than taking the car can also be a money-saver.

So, what other tips can we offer that may help save you money in the home? Well, quite obviously, sensible insulation is important; heat rises, and if your loft is not adequately insulated, you will find you lose a great deal of the heat generated by your central heating much too quickly. You can find out more information on insulation on the website, and you may even qualify for financial help in some areas of the country.

Efficient Central Heating

We are going to talk primarily about the central heating system – which most likely heats your water, too – as this is the most prevalent use of gas in the home. Modern boilers, those that heat water on demand, are efficient, but they can be made more so if you follow our advice. What are we talking about? We are on about hi-tech, modern thermostats, which are tuned to keep your energy usage to just what is needed, and no more.

So, how do they work? Your current heating system will involve a thermostat, one that sets the level at which the heating comes on and off. This is great, but a modern wireless thermostat – the sort we are talking about – goes a lot further. These very clever devices are not directly connected to your boiler, but are wireless; furthermore, some are connected to your broadband, which brings many more advantages as we shall see.

More Advantages

The broadband bit is important, and here’s why: because your broadband is on all the time, you can use a smartphone app to access and control the system at all times. Hence, you can over-ride your settings whenever you want, so if you are going to be late, you can add an hour on. Also, some can use GPS to operate on a geographical basis; you leave the house and the system knows; you return and it also knows, and regulates the heating accordingly.

We found some great thermostat reviews at, an excellent site with reviews of household items, gadgets, travel items and much more, and it offers you all the information you need on wireless thermostats, including full capability and what you should expect to pay. Have a look now, and see how – for a small outlay – you can increase the efficiency of your heating system and save money.

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