Plan a virtual strategic meeting in few easy steps – Pro recommendations

If you are one of those clients, you might be busy adjusting your travel plans amidst this pandemic surrounding the COVID-19 situation. This has a heavy impact on majority of the businesses and this makes it vital to set priorities for planning your quarterly meeting. You have to invest time in planning and thinking of the impacts the current situation has on your business and team. So, even though you can cancel your travel plans, don’t cancel your meeting sessions.

Even though you can’t meet face-to-face due to this current situation, the best strategic meeting management software can help you continue with your business planning and operations. Check out few of the idea tips for arranging a strategic meeting.

Utilize video for the session

Even though few of you might be sitting in the same room, you ought to join a virtual meeting by switching on your webcam. This will help you stay more engaged during the meeting and won’t let you multitask in between. You can easily understand the body language of the participants and boost more participation. Even though you may be one big group, you’ll feel personal when it comes to problem-solving. In fact, this can improve your problem-solving skills. If you need to refer back to the meeting at a later date for any reason, you may want to look into video capture software to see how this can be beneficial to what you need for your notes.

Reconsider the agenda for meeting

If you had pre-planned the agenda, don’t push through the same plan. Now that it is a virtual session, give it more thought and adjust the agenda to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your team. Investment and financial companies like also take such steps when it comes to arranging virtual meets with investors and clients. You may consider spending more time discussing about the threats associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss how to break things. You may also divide the meeting into two parts if you think one would be too long and monotonous.

Breaks can be taken more often

When you’re in a real meeting, it is much easier to stare away from the screens or stand up whenever you wish to and take a tea break. But when you’re in a virtual meeting, you can’t forget that the participants there will also require structured breaks. So, you may ask everyone to leave their seats, do a bit of stretching exercises or walk around for a couple of minutes. This will pump up the energy of the team members.

Take into account the visuals

In case there are people joining into your remote meetings, you shouldn’t rely on flip chart sheets and white boards. Virtual participants won’t be able to see them and therefore feel distracted and frustrated. Instead, use digital collaboration tools like Rhythm software or Google Docs where everyone is allowed to put in their input. Screen sharing through video conferencing can ensure you’re prepared with ideal visuals and you both are on the same page.

If you feel intimidated to plan a remote strategic meeting, you may seek help of the software available in the market. You can learn more on event planning and flower wall décor here.