What to Include in Your Customer Review of a Law Firm

The laws enacted in the United States are like the rules that govern any school or home. They are there to protect us and help us maintain a civil environment. Unfortunately, just like the rebellious child in school or the cheating spouse at home, our fellow citizens can create a setting where contacting and utilizing the services of the authorities is necessary.

Occasionally, those steps eventually involve an attorney. These men and women go to school for years and endure a grueling process of education, testing, trial, and error in order to gain the privilege of assisting you in the legal chapters of your life. One of the ways you can thank them and make it easier for your friends, family members, and colleagues to find legal help is to write a well-informed customer review. Here’s how.

Give Constructive Feedback

When writing a customer review for the services you received from any law firm, be constructive in your feedback. Don’t just fill up the spaces with all the things your attorney messed up. Make sure to include everything he/she did right.

Things to consider might be whether or not your attorney knew their way around the law and how well they knew it. Did they keep in contact with you and make sure you stayed up to date on the details of the case? Were they able to secure a victory in your situation and how big was that victory?

Here is also where you can include some things they can improve and how they might measure up to other experiences you have encountered. A customer review is not meant to be a rant. It’s a tool that should be a great help to possible future clients.

Be Honest

Now, some people just love to write stories and they are good at it, too. A few of the titles might read, “My Adventures With The Law,” or “Lawyers Who Linger in La La Land.” Who knows! There are countless reviews on the web that read like an 80’s soap opera.

They list every grievance from having attorneys who prefer to conduct business while intoxicated, to judges that were paid off, and courtroom episodes that would give the Jerry Springer show a run for its money. This is the perfect time to remember what Mom and Dad taught us about being honest.

If you really did encounter a free for all in the courtroom and your attorney was the instigator, include it in your review. You are bound to entertain, at the very least. With that said, that is not usually the case and your review could easily mislead potential customers and risks slandering a firm that is genuinely trying to help.

Keep it Amicable

From the moment we are born, the great majority of us are taught to be polite and respectful to those around us. Understandably, the details of most anything that involves a law firm can be anything but polite and respectful, but as adults, we are responsible for setting an example to those coming up after us.

When you write a customer review for a law firm, as well as any other business, there is no reason for name calling or slanderous remarks. If the constituents of the firm were genuinely horrible, there are respectful ways to say so. Use them.

This will not only be more helpful to the reader, but will say wonderful things about your character and give more weight to the reliability of your review. We all have that side of us that would rather vent our frustrations in a more aggressive manner, but what separates us from the less mature is that ability to maintain our composure in the worst of circumstances.

The next time you have the need for an attorney, use these tips to make sure you leave a review that will help others make an informed decision on whether to choose the same legal services you did.