How to Keep Your Car in Top Shape- Always!

Driving your own car has been the most wonderful experience of your life, isn’t it? But, if you haven’t started paying attention to your car’s health already, its high time you learn how to check her vital stats. A little ignorance every day can lead to a big problem and huge expenses, in the long run, ruining your driving experience. Here is the bare minimum that you could do to keep your car in top shape.

Check the oil

Engine oil is a prominent aspect of increasing any vehicle’s life. Make sure you change oil and filter at regular intervals as prescribed in the user manual. Not only does it lubricate the parts but also keeps the engine heat to a minimum.

People who do not take care of their engine oil damage their vehicle beyond salvation. If you want to keep your car in its top shape, then oil and filter change come under the no-compromise section.

Deal with good mechanics

Just like a good doctor, a prime mechanic is hard to find, but they are really crucial for your car’s health. An auto technician will keep your car in good condition and will also update you about the parts it must need. In addition, they might be able to recommend quality automotive parts from websites like since they tend to be more familiar with the best options available out there. Do not give your car in the hands of an inexperienced or imperfect mechanic or your vehicle will slow down way before its organic death. Talk with your friends and look out for customer reviews online. Find one that is always willing to learn more about how to manage their shop and their work. Stick to one mechanic and trust them for your car’s health.

Be sure about the brakes

While it is a no brainer, a majority of us do not care about checking the braking system of their car. A problem with brakes could also lead to fatal accidents. Change brake pads at regular intervals alongside the car belts and battery for optimum security. If you notice the smallest issue with your brakes, get an auto brake repair service to look at them because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Inspect your car key

With cars getting smarter, the key has gained a more important function than just locking/unlocking your vehicle. Currently, every new car comes loaded with new features- some of them are unnecessary, and the customer pays a huge price to get a hands-on premium experience. Unfortunately, everything becomes useless in the absence of a perfectly working key.

Taking care of car keys is one aspect of smooth driving. However, we advise you not to waste time in repairing it, especially if it belongs to an expensive and feature-loaded vehicle like an Audi Q5. Instead, you opt for Audi key fob replacement whenever it has malfunctioned. It gives you a quick solution and saves you the hassle of using a poorly repaired key.

Check your tires

Tires are one of the more expensive components of a car that have to be changed regularly. Moreover, tires also determine the mileage, speed, traction, and load-bearing capacity of a vehicle. Read the owner’s manual carefully to understand the specific need of your car.

Buy the right configuration of tires even if they cost a little more. Inappropriate tires not just cause control issues but wear off faster, creating another big expense for users. Make sure that you check the alignment and tire pressure regularly.

Your car is your best friend, but it can also become your worst nightmare. Get up! Show some love to your ride.