How to create custom paper bags that support your businesses main offering

No matter what sector you operate in, whether you are a retailer direct to customers or a software solutions business, there are going to be a lot of different ways that you can benefit from considered and well-planned merchandising of your brand.

Doing this through custom paper bags not only strengthens your brand’s physical assets, but it also allows you to align your company with more sustainable corporate ethics. In this article, we detail some of the different benefits you can experience from well-designed customer paper bags that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Are custom paper bags popular amongst consumers?

Designing a fantastic design for a product that consumers do not use is a huge missed opportunity, which is why many choose a custom design for paper bags. As greater concern about the environment increases, more are opting for reusable custom paper bags as a way of carrying their groceries and other shopping.

This popularity is good for you as it increases the chances of you getting your brand out there and in front of new potential customers. To take advantage of this try to pick a design that goes against the grain, perhaps with an element of humour or storytelling on the custom paper bag.

Printing on custom paper bags gives you control over the branding

Another benefit of embracing the ‘custom’ element of custom paper bags is that it gives you almost total creative control. This means you can partner up with your in-house design team to come up with a concept that will stand out in print design as well as on a monitor. The added control also means you can iterate and improve the design as you see fit in the future.

Our top tip when designing the branding for your new custom paper bag is to ensure your designs use CMYK and not RGB colouring. This will allow them to be printed better; although if you go with an expert paper bag printing company, they should be able to take care of this for you.

Custom paper bags can help keep you in front of customers minds

Keeping relevant is more crucial now than ever for businesses looking to remain operating, particularly those who are not currently trading in the capacity that they use to. Investing in some custom paper bags and finding unique ways to get them to customers will help keep you at the forefront of customers minds. If you couple this with regular and appropriate digital messages you will help to increase the returning customer base for your stores, both on and offline.

Finding custom paper bag printers is easy in the UK

The UK printing market has experienced a lot of growth in recent years with more sophisticated techniques allowing for a greater variety of designs to be easily printed on custom paper bags. A quick Google search will return some great printing partners and help set you on the way to creating great marketing material for your business.