Five clever ways to use video marketing for your business

There’s no denying it, incorporating video marketing into your strategy is critical when it comes to promoting your business. If you don’t believe me you can check this out over at websites like to see what they can do for a variety of businesses. In fact, according to statistics released earlier this year, more than 90 percent of brands got a new customer because of a video they’d watched on social media and nearly 85 percent of people said they’d been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. It’s a no-brainer, video marketing is becoming one of the most successful ways to drive sales and attract the modern-day shopper. There are small businesses that have utilized social media greatly so they can reach their intended audience, some have even bought things like followers and likes from websites similar to as well as others, so they are able to market themselves and hopefully promote their business efficiently.

So how can you use video marketing to benefit your business?

360-degree video

With more and more customers turning to the internet to do their shopping, a business needs to consider what their virtual audience will want to see before they buy a product. The chances are, they will want to know as much as they can about it. In fact, a business should be striving to make a viewer’s online experience as near to that, as if they were actually in their shop, physically looking at a product. This could be done easily with the help of a video production service as they will know exactly what may trigger the customer to buy a particular product.

With this in mind, why not provide shoppers with a 360 degree, all questions answered video of the products you have to offer? Showcase everything the product has to offer, highlighting its key features and demonstrating why a shopper would want to make the purchase.

Making videos like these couldn’t be easier thanks to the amount of user-friendly software that is now available for businesses to help them produce professional-looking footage at just the click of the button. Better still, things have been taken up a gear, thanks to industry-specific apps like SnapCell on the market, which has been designed especially with the automotive industry in mind.

How-to videos

Take things one step further by showing viewers how to actually use your products. Consider the video as a virtual instruction manual, that will earn trust from customers, something that is vital when it comes to marketing your business.

How-to videos can be used directly on your website, as well as across your social media channels.

Humans like humans

Emotionally connect with your audience by promoting videos of your staff talking on camera. Whether they are showcasing a product, discussing a service, or promoting an up-and-coming event, the fact is, people like seeing people.

Remember, when it comes to videos of staff, the clips don’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t matter if there’s a bit of background noise and a few ‘ums’ in there, in fact, the viewer will appreciate the authenticity, so keep it real.

Customer testimonials

With nearly 90 percent of people admitting to reading reviews for local businesses in 2020, it’s clear that shoppers are influenced by other shoppers. With this in mind, take things one step further and use video testimonials from customers as part of your strategy.

These are great to put out on your social media channels, not only to promote your business but to also encourage other shoppers to film their own testimonials too.

Have fun with your videos

When it comes to creating videos, the opportunities really are endless thanks to advances in technology and the constant developments in social media. So, why stick to simply videoing a product? Instead, make your videos fun. Add another dimension to your video marketing by using GIFs, Tik Tok, or Boomerang to create engaging clips of your products, services, or your brand.