Fastest Exit Review: Recommended Timeshare Exit Company in 2022

Do you own a timeshare and regret your purchase? Let me tell you how I got rid of my timeshare.

I was suckered into attending a 90-minute owner’s update meeting in Mexico. I say suckered because it turned into a salesman bullying me for 5 hours. I caved and bought the timeshare even though I really did not want it. Plus, it maxed out my credit cards and I was going to struggle to make all the payments.

It really was a nightmarish financial situation for me. I felt physically sick. My head was spinning. I could not sleep that night. I started to look for a solution, one that would get me out of this mess.

I clicked on one of Fastest Exit’s search ads because I wanted to get rid of it as soon as I could. Fastest Exit almost called me back almost immediately. 

I explained them what had happened in detail. I sent them the paperwork that the resort had tricked me into signing. I felt took the time to understand my unique situation. From what Fastest Exit explained to me, the resort had broken Mexico’s consumer protection law when they sold me the timeshare. The contract was illegally sold. I followed their advice. 

The money was returned to my credit card immediately. My peace of mind was restored as soon as I saw the purchases removed from my online credit card statement. I really do not think I could do this on my own.

I promised to never go on another timeshare presentation again. They told me that they did not want my business anymore after this. After ruining my hard-earned vacation with that presentation, I am going to listen to them.

Selecting a timeshare exit company is probably one of the most difficult things any consumer can do. The industry is full of unethical salespeople who promise everything but rarely deliver. I have personally have gone through this process and speaking from experience, I cannot recommend Fastest Exit enough.