Eye on the enterprise: how unified communications could help your business overcome problems

Nowadays, businesses have a lot of problems to contend with. Not only do you have to keep an eye on the well-being of your employees, but you have to make sure that all business strategies are running smoothly. If you fail to do that, it’s very likely that you are going to have some extremely unhappy customers.

That’s why you may want to think about incorporating unified communications into your day-to-day company activities. By employing the services of Avoira or a similar company, you could solve a variety of problems, including these five examples.

Hybrid working schedules

One of the biggest problems during the pandemic, and even now, is how to deal with employees that want to work on a hybrid schedule. A hybrid schedule means that they are allowed to work in the office and from home. In other words, they have the freedom to pick their work hours. However, if they are in a completely separate space from your other employees, how are they going to keep up with daily work life?

Unified communications will make talking to hybrid and remote workers a lot simpler. After all, the majority of your communication channels will be streamlined into one. Therefore, they will be able to actively collaborate on documents, share files on the cloud and attend both video and phone meetings. They will always be able to keep up!

Customer responses

It can be frustrating for customers to be forced to wait for a long time to hear back about their questions. In fact, it can make them decide to not use your business in the future if they cannot get in touch with someone. Unified communications can make your customer service team more accessible to waiting clients. Not only that but it can be used to get your clients in touch with the right person to answer their questions through their calls being directed to a specific department.

Internal communications

It can be difficult for employees to be able to find time in their schedules to have meetings with other employees. This can lead to frustration when a big meeting is scheduled and interrupts their day-to-day tasks. The best thing about unified communications is how they can be streamlined into one platform. Therefore, one employee can call another employee to find out what they need to know. It can be simple, fast and, ultimately, more productive for all your workers.


Having multiple landlines and communication systems can be extremely expensive for you and your business. Unified communications simplify the communication platforms into one. Therefore, you will only need to pay for one rather than several at once.


As unified communications tend to rely on a virtual line, you will find they are more secure than other communication platforms. They can be encrypted to protect your company from hackers. So, you will always feel safe.

Problem-solve with unified communications!

Having a unified communications system can help solve a variety of problems. Now that you know the top 5 benefits of unified communications, it’s time for you to give them a try to improve your business. Your employees will certainly thank you for this upgrade.

Infographic Created by CIO Technology Solutions, Industry-Leading Managed IT Provider