eToro VS XTB: Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Broker

Starting trading online in financial markets, trying to make a profit, and keeping up with all the news and upgrades in this world can be quite a task. To begin with, if you are a newbietrader you should start by trying to understand which one is the right broker for you and in which financial market you want to put your capital. You may find the right help by checking out the best brokers for your situation (die besten ECN Broker) over on websites like which you can then access when and if they are needed.

That’s why we decided to compare two of the best online brokers around: eToro VS XTB.

Choosing one can be difficult, but we’ll try our best to summarize the best features offered by those brokers and their trading platforms with a brief and still exhaustive comparison.

Trading Platform Features

If you decide to start trading with eToro, you’ll be able to do so with the platform developed by the broker itself, the eToro Open Book, which is available in two identical versions, but on different devices: the web trader and the app version.

The first one, the web trader, is available on PC through a browser and an internet connection able to navigate the internet. In the same way, its app version works exactly the same, only thing is that it is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads and freely downloadable on their respective e-store on iOS and Android systems.

Its functions and features remain basically the same and it’s all about the social interactions among the huge traders community, which mix-up traditional trading features with social network features. In other words, once you connect with the platform, you’ll be able not only to analyse the ongoing market situation and so on, but you’ll also see opinions and share information with the extremely active eToro community.

On the other hand, XTB gives you the possibility to choose between two completely different trading platforms: the famous MT4 and xStation 5.

MT4 is probably one of the most famous, if not the most famous trading platform around since 15 years, and it is still a landmark for trading platform standards, while xStation5 is an original product of XTB. These platforms are available on both PC software and mobile device apps.

Service And Trading Fees

Online brokers make money mostly in the same way as other brokerage services, and that’s by gaining profits from the spread. Spread is produced while dealing in CFD or because of a leverage usage on a financial asset, like while trading in stocks or in the Forex market. And that’s true for both eToro and XTB.

About the non-trading fees, eToro instead charges for withdrawals in most of the territories where it delivers its services but the USA, while there are also other fees like account inactivity, but there are none if you want to deposit money on the account.

XTB charges similarly, but they focus more on spread fees, which depends very much from the account version chosen by the trader and the trader’s base currency. When you want to deposit money on your account, you can do it in GBP or EUR free of charge if you choose a bank transfer, while other methods will be charged.

That’s why in this case, eToro wins the round.

Financial Assets

Both brokers are mostly focused on dealing with CFD which are used in trading stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies of any form and, of course, Forex pairs, which is the most active asset market between the aforementioned.

While eToro has a very large and impressive list of assets where you can put your money on, the crown this time goes to XTB which has an astonishing record of over 1500 assets where you can invest freely online anytime you want.