BuySocialMediaMarketing SMM Services Review

In a bid to come up with some truly valuable content surrounding social media strategy, we decided to walk through an entire case study in which we implemented the strategy of buying SMM services. Sure, there might be some kind of affiliation with service provider from whom the services were acquired,, but we’re dealing with a real service provider here, selling real services, which were to be deployed in a commercial scenario. Part of our own growth strategy naturally requires us to have a budget for this sort of thing, so it’s more like a practical simulation, through which we assumed the role of a typical customer who might want to acquire these services to boost their social media engagements and overall presence.

The brief

So one of our staff actually had a YouTube channel they started way back in 2013, on which they didn’t really publish any content. The brief was to revive the channel and perhaps actually get it going out of the starting blocks.

Now, a channel started six years ago would probably demonstrate longevity and pedigree, would it not? However, with YouTube it works a little differently, simply because the algorithms deployed by YouTube are those which place heavy emphasis on rewarding constant engagement, both on the ends of the content producer and the followers. So a YouTube account that was created back in 2013, which effectively has no engagements and no content was naturally one which would have us with our work cut out for us, especially since part of the brief was to get the channel to a stage where it can be monetized.

The plan of action

Anybody who finds themselves in this situation would probably entertain a few other different options, like starting a brand new channel from scratch, but as much as a channel that has been around has its disadvantages, it also has some advantages. For instance, an advantage is indeed the credibility built up over the years, with some SEO implications surrounding a channel link that has been in existence for quite some time. It will have been organically indexed by now…

So, in order to get the channel to where it would be eligible for monetization, we had to start pumping it with content and then making sure that those videos had engagements. It’s nearly impossible to do that these days without a little bit of help from the likes of BuySocialMediaMarketing.

We didn’t hold back much, electing to go with the 50,000 Views package, which is available at

All manner of doors started to open up, almost immediately. As it turns out, since the channel was a relatively old one, albeit with not much content, it was eligible for monetization on account of not having violated community standards. The 50,000 views purchased exceeded the required annual watch hours as a requirement for monetization, but what that also meant was that these are clearly “safe” views.

The knock-on effect is that of the video and subsequent videos being ranked high and discovered by many more people, which in turn accounted for a torrent of new subscribers!

So it turns out to have been a great investment – around $220 for 50,000 views, which in turn makes for a great subsequent monetization ROI.