Business Trips are Better in Scottsdale, AZ

If you are traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona for a business trip, consider yourself lucky. It is a beautiful, historic city that will make you feel right at home. Here are a few tips for making your business trip the best possible.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of wonderful hotels in Scottsdale. If it’s in your budget, you should consider one of the resort-style hotels. It’s generally not that much more than a regular hotel, but the level of service and accommodations is miles ahead.

The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch has an on-site waterpark where you can swim, enjoy a beach, and just relax on your downtime. There’s also world-class on-site dining and large, luxurious rooms. If you have to dig in for work, there’s almost no place better. Visit their website to learn more and how they can make your trip more comfortable.

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa is another resort hotel you should consider. Like the Hyatt Regency, it features a water park, golf course, and other high-end amenities. It also features Deseo, which bills itself as a Nuevo Latino cuisine paired with a robust South American wine list.

Join a Rewards Program

If you are a frequent traveler, joining a rewards program is a great idea. When you stick with the same airline, rental car company, and hotel, you can take advantage of a number of perks. You can be bumped up to first or business class, get better rental cars, and enjoy perks like fast, free Wi-Fi.

Only Use Carry-On Bags

Carry-on bags are the best to use when you are going on a flight, especially if you have a layover for a second flight. They are light, smaller, and easier to tote around when you are racing from what place to another, especially in crowded airports. By contrast, traditional luggage is bulkier and heavier and will just weigh you down. When you strictly use carry-ons, you can forgo having to check your baggage and can instead enjoy the luxury of stowing them on the plane itself. This is not only more convenient in general but is also much cheaper and faster.

Embrace Your Inner Foodie

One of the best things to look forward to when you are traveling to Scottsdale on business is all of the delicious cuisines you can eat while there. Check out the local dining establishments near your hotel and look them up on Yelp. You can also make a quick reservation at the restaurant of your choice right at your fingertips on your smartphone via the OpenTable app. Additionally, if you are going on a business trip to the area in April, you are in luck as the annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival will be in full swing. There are many scrumptious options you can explore during your downtime, which includes not only food but wine and cocktails.

Pack Casual Clothing, Too

While you will certainly want to pack appropriate clothing for your important business presentations and meetings with colleagues, it’s important to be versatile. You should aim to pack some casual clothing, as well. Remember, you will definitely have some downtime during your Scottsdale business trip, so you will want to be prepared. If you follow any of the above advice about staying at a resort hotel, you’ll also want to pack a bathing suit (if you want something fancy, then get yourself a Bathing suit with Face) so you can take a dip or two at them.

Use Garment Bags

If you need a few suit shirts for your business trip, it’s wise to keep them in garment bags before packing them. This can help to keep your shirts crisp and free or wrinkles during your travels. It can also ensure that you don’t need to pack an iron.

Attend a Concert

Before your trip is over, make sure to head to Arizona State University’s Kerr Cultural Center for a great concert. You can catch a night of chamber music, classical, jazz, or even Celtic music. It’s a small, intimate theater that will certainly appeal to your senses.

These tips can help you to have the best business trip and overall experience in Scottsdale, Arizona.