How Using Branded Packaging Can Boost Sales

Boosting sales should be a central aim of any business, and there are plenty of ways to bring that change about. However, plenty of business owners ignore one key area: their packaging. It might not be something you’ve considered, but using branded packaging can be just as effective at boosting sales as the quality of the item it holds.

Here are just a few ways branded packaging helps.

Brand Identity

It’s always important to develop a strong brand identity, but it’s very hard to do that without branding your packaging. Just try to think of a major business that doesn’t brand its bags and boxes. You can use different slogans and messages to convey what your business is all about, and you can use different colours to provoke certain feelings and build a company colour scheme.

Customer Retention

You should already know how vital customer retention is – it’s always easier to bring customers back instead of attracting someone new, and repeat customers are likely to spend more than new ones. Branded packaging and custom boxes creates an impact, underlines the quality of your product, and helps keep your business in the front of a customer’s mind. If you give your customers good packaging that provokes a positive reaction, why wouldn’t they keep coming back for more?

Free Promotion

If you provide branded packaging, you’re going to be advertising your business to far more people than the customer alone. Branded bags act as miniature billboards, while branded boxes showcase your business to anyone who handles or opens them. For instance, if you’re selling vape cartridges for CBD or THC products, having cartridge boxes with your company logo on them (as you can get on or similar sites) can help imprint the name of your brand in the minds of the customers. Branded items provide the reach to promote your business to potentially hundreds of people, and that in itself makes them more than worth investing in.

Green Appeal

Finally, branded packaging provides an opportunity to get across your eco-friendly credentials. Make sure it’s clear the packaging is eco-friendly, then brand around that message to put a positive spin on your own business. It’s a tactic that has proven to increase sales, especially among millennial consumers.