Benefits of Branded Workwear

For many companies workwear clothing is a necessity, but what are the benefits of branded clothing? Today we are going to investigate some of the positive aspects attached when highlighting your brand across branded company workwear.

Improves Team Wellbeing

Providing a team with fantastic quality workwear helps in building a positive working environment and culture. It also shows staff members how proud the company is to highlight their branding whilst making them feel comfortable in such specific attire. Pairing that with an employee ID badge (learn more about how to get these printed over at will promote professionalism and efficiency for all staff.

Make the Perfect First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When trying to woo a prospective client. The first thing someone will see is your workforce’s appearance. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but your visitors will make quick judgements about you and your business.

If your staff are in a professional-looking uniform, then you’ll show that you’re a polished operation that should be taken seriously. The better-dressed staff are, the more approachable they’ll be for clients. Or visitors who want to speak to them.

PPG’s Choice: The Portwest Aviemore 3 in 1 Jacket is ideal when working outdoors in unsavoury weather conditions. This item is waterproof and comes with a detachable fleece liner. A handy foldaway hood is included with this jacket.

Casual Or Branded Workwear

Casual dress codes are usually pretty relaxed, giving employees the license to wear whatever they want. Everyone’s style is different, but a uniform makes sure that no one’s wearing anything that could be seen as inappropriate or unprofessional.

First of all, embroidered work wear can help customers put a face to your brand. One of the key reasons branding exists is it’s a way of making your business stand out from competitors and to create a sense of familiarity with customers. If your workers are on a shop floor, then they are the ones responsible for being the ‘faces’ of your business. Get them to perform well, customers are likely to come back. If they don’t, they’ll be less likely to come back.

Increases Productivity

It’s a well discussed and documented fact that when dressing smartly and correctly we are more likely to be productive than if wearing sweatpants, for example. Branded workwear not only helps team members develop more of an allegiance to companies, they are more likely to experience a sense of pride and connection. Such feelings naturally result in the completion of tasks with pride and accountability.

PPG’s Choice: Perfect for the addition of embroidered logos and company information is the Portwest Softshell Jacket with Hood. Not only does this item look smart, it’s warm, waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Strengthens Employee Unity and Teamwork

Sports teams and school children wear a uniform because this creates unity. Companies with a dress code promote belonging within their employees. Both a uniform and dress code can make people see they belong in the workplace.

If employees assume they are working towards the same company goals. Then wearing a unified look, they will be more aligned with company values.

Putting On A Show

When someone puts on a uniform, they begin to embody what that uniform means. When a staff members puts on a uniform at the beginning of their shift, it’s a reminder that they are in work-mode. Not only that, but uniforms can act as a great equaliser across a workforce.

Workers, supervisors and even managers can be outfitted with the same branded shirts to create a collaborative workforce identity. In other words, you’ll make your staff feel more like a team rather than different individuals within disparate roles. It makes workforces less hierarchically driven and encourages those managers wearing the shirts to lead by example.

So, as you can see, embroidered uniforms can bring about great opportunities to increase your branding and identity – irrespective of the industry that your business is located within. Make sure to look for specialists who have a lot of experience with crafting embroidered shirts for business and branding purposes.

Develops Customer Relations

When a business is good at building and maintaining great customer relationships they are more likely to continue thriving. The ingredients of great relationships include making a good first impression, being polite, helpful and cheerful. Branded workwear heavily attributes in making a decent first impression. The visibility of team members is instantly boosted when drawing attention to a professional brand.

PPG’s Choice: Our Portwest Action Trousers are comfortable and easy to move in. With reinforced seat and knee pad pockets, trades people are protected and with fantastic branding, easily recognisable to customers.

Customer Service Keep Your Brand Alive & Postive

This effect is even more pronounced when a person is wearing embroidered uniform shirts as a customer will associate your business with your service. So while it’s possible for someone to be put off by bad service. Therefore branded shirts can also help that person recall the good service at your business.

When people have a good customer service experience in a shop, they will often say ‘I liked the staff in there’, but what you really want them to say is ‘I liked the service in there’ or ‘I like it in there’. So branded uniforms can help drive this perception that it’s not just the staff that are nice, but your whole business. You want customers to be loyal to your brand, not just loyal to your staff.

Health and Safety Benefits

When your team members are easy to identify due to branded workwear you are in fact helping to keep them safe. Industrial settings for example are often home to various hazards. It’s imperative staff have the ability to identify non-employees quickly and effectively.

Prioritises Safety

Certain industries require PPE and protective clothing to be worn. However a uniform policy can establish a safe dress sense. Even if specialised clothing or equipment is not necessary.

For example, in the hospitality industry, safe dress may include an embroidered waist apron with a name tag or fob. This helps to determine which doors and buildings employees have access to.

In door security work, a formal dress code can help determine staff from the clientele, making it easier (and safer) for everyone. You don’t want to make mistakes in this instance

Outline your uniform policy to highlight safety issues your employees may not consider. Make it clear that it does actually benefit your staff, it is for them.

Brand Building

Although we have mentioned brand building last it is certainly one of the most important features of branded workwear. Your team is the biggest asset to any company and branding provides an extremely cost effective way of advertising effectively. Due to interactions between staff and customers, members of the public and other businesses, brand recognition will experience growth.

PPG Recommendations: Embroidery, screen and transfer printing are all great options for clear and concise branded workwear.

Staying Safe With Branded PPE

Due to the current situation in the UK, there has never been a more prevalent time than now for companies to focus on PPE. Today we are taking you through exactly what PPE is and its benefits.

Defining PPE

PPE stands for ‘Personal Protective Equipment’. Its purpose is to shield users against health and safety risks within the workplace. We have an excellent range of chainsaw protective clothing.

What does PPE Look Like?

The type of PPE required depends on the risks within any given company. Clothing items vary from full on hazmat suits through to safety helmets and gloves, high visibility clothing, safety footwear and harnesses as well as eye protection.

What is the Importance of PPE?

Employers are required by law to keep their teams safe and secure and this is at the top of the ‘importance’ list every time. Ensuring and encouraging safe and responsible work ethics closely follows. In meeting these guidelines a company is securing staff from breathing in potentially contaminated air, protecting head and feet from falling materials, keeping eyes safe from splashes and much more. The importance of PPE is to REDUCE RISK.

Importance of Wearing PPE

PPE (otherwise known as personal protective equipment) is vital to protect its users against any physical harm or hazards which may occur in the workplace or certain environment. PPE exists as a form of protection to be used in hazardous environments. It’s also used widely across the world with additional people investing due to ongoing cases of COVID-19. It could be said that PPE has now become a basic part of our everyday life and ‘norm’ especially when face masks are mandatory in certain environments.

PPE must meet the correct standards of the personal protective equipment regulation. All items are required to be the correct size and shape for users.

Why is it important to wear PPE in the workplace?

  • On occasion workers make the unprofessional decision not to wear PPE. This reflects badly on the company they represent and can result in further consequences. If PPE is not worn by workers through choice and they experience injury or illness they will have full liability and be faced with further sanctions in certain cases.
  • PPE protects us from hazards whether they are visible or not. For example, some chemicals can cause long term effects on the body resulting in sometimes fatal illnesses. In 2017, 3,000 Americans were diagnosed with an illness named mesothelioma and this was down to chemical exposure.

You only get one set of eyes! Neglecting to wear safety goggles is the biggest mistake employees can make when working in an even partially dangerous environment. This is down to the fact that basic materials and hazardous chemicals can come into contact with the eyes causing harm. A large 61% of eye injuries take place in manufacturing environments. Eyewear should differ depending on what environment you are working in.

  • Your workday improves when wearing PPE. Think about it. PPE makes you safer whilst carrying out daily responsibilities. Take this away and risks of injury and illness increase rapidly. Working in a physically demanding job requires PPE.

Overall, PPE is a great method of ensuring employees and the general public remain safe and secure. From safety goggles in an industrial setting or a simple face mask worn to the supermarket, PPE is a vital necessity.

With the current circumstances we’re living, PPE is allowing people to feel more comfortable and at ease with the situation we now face on a day to day basis.

How do I know if PPE is required?

Due to the current situation in the UK and indeed across the world, certain levels of PPE are likely to be required in many industries. Consider the following:

  • Is anyone exposed and if so, what to?
  • How long are individuals exposed?
  • How much are individuals exposed to?

Determining the above should provide a clearer understanding of the equipment required.

High Visibility Jackets

COVID-19 aside, many construction companies, marshall yards and industrial premises have the need for PPE. High viz jackets for example allows a person to stand out from far away. Environment depending, employees may be required to wear full body high visibility clothing.

Flame Retardant Overalls

Designed for use by workers close to open flames, flame retardant overalls protect from fire, hot objects and potential metal splashes.

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