Basic Booth Essentials: Tradeshow Tools to Help Make Your Day a Success

When you attend a tradeshow, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind if you want to make it into a success. Besides all the marketing materials, posters, and basic items like chairs and tables, there are plenty of things you will want to take to ensure you enjoy a productive day and get the most out of it.

Here are the booth essentials to take with you to get more from your next tradeshow.

Basic First-Aid & Personal Items

Even a minor problem like a cut finger can prove very uncomfortable when you are stuck in your tradeshow booth all day, so stock up on basic first-aid equipment to reduce your discomfort.

This could include painkillers for headaches, plasters for paper cuts, and antiseptic gel to keep your hands clean (especially seeing as you are going to be shaking a lot of hands).

You might also want to take hand cream to prevent dry hands, lip balm, and even a nail clipper so you can stay comfortable no matter how long your days are.

Cleaning Equipment

As well as using interesting posters to get more attention for your booth, you’ll also want to attract people with a clean and tidy presentation. Tradeshow booths can get dirty over the course of the day or over a few days, so pack some basic cleaning equipment to keep everything looking fresh and to improve hygiene.

Surface wipes are invaluable for cleaning up dust and fingerprints, and you might also want to pack some antibacterial spray. A small hand vacuum can be a great way to clear up crumbs to make your booth more appealing for your staff and visitors. Additionally, before setting up your booth, ensure that the site is speckless clean so that visitors feel welcome and pleasant. If you do trade shows regularly, you can explore portable commercial vacuums which can come in handy while preparing for such events.

Extension Cords

Power supplies can always cause problems if you don’t go prepared. It’s a nightmare when you cannot set up your stall as you want to because the cord to your screen doesn’t reach the power supply.

Take a few extension cords so that you can set up your booth exactly as you want to, and just make sure you keep the wires well out of the way to avoid any accidents.

Modular Printer

As well as things like cool freebies to attract visitors, you will also want some useful tech products for extra convenient, and a modular printer is a great idea.

These portable printers are ideal for tradeshows because you can use them to print off labels, receipts, coupons, QR codes, and more. Check out an online store like RS Online to see a selection, and take one to your next event.


Penknives complete with various tools are so useful at tradeshows. Whether you find yourself opening boxes and envelopes, unscrewing something, or uncorking wine bottles at the end of the day, a penknife is a useful tool to have in your pocket.


Tradeshows are tiring, so make sure you stock up on healthy snacks for you and your staff. Energy bars are great, as are chocolate bars, dry fruit, and nuts. And make sure you have plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated.

Spare Clothes

Nothing is worse than having to return to your hotel room to pick up a clean shirt because someone spilled coffee on yours. It’s far easier to pack a spare shirt or dress and make a quick change somewhere if you have to, so take some spares and avoid missing any crucial business meetings.

Prepare for Your Tradeshow

These are some of the most important things to remember for your tradeshow to make it into a more comfortable experience for you and your staff.

Tradeshows can involve long, tiring days, but you can help to make them more comfortable for everyone. Pack all of these items, and you will also help to keep everyone happy, including visitors to your booth, to make it a great success.