6 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy and Coming Back

When customers are happy, they tend to return to do more business, but a good product or service is not enough to create happy customers and retain them.

To make customers happy, you need to take their total experience when dealing with your company into consideration and ensure everything is smooth at every stage of the transaction. You can achieve this with these few strategies.

1. Stay in Touch With Your Customers

After customers buy, follow up to thank them and ensure they are satisfied with what they bought. Aim to build a relationship, don’t just sit back and hope that customers will come back to buy more.

There are several channels you can use to stay in touch with customers such as social media, instant messengers, SMS, and email newsletters.

Consider educating customers via these channels and send them special deals designed to make them come back. Be strategic with every communication; don’t just do it for the sake of it.

2. Take it That Customers Have Forgotten About You

A customer that patronise you today may not remember you the next day. So, don’t expect your company to be at the top of their mind a month down the road when they need what you offer.

You are up against many competitors who are advertising every day to snatch your customers away from you. So don’t wait for a long time thinking customers who bought from you still remember you and will come back. Instead, reach out to them consistently to let them you will like them to buy from you again.

3. Give Customers a Reason to Return

Customers don’t return without reason. So, give them a reason to return. The reason could be a special offer, a coupon they can apply to their order, a flash sale they need to take advantage of immediately.

Whatever you do, ensure it is enticing enough to bring them back.

4. Take Notes About Your Customers

Mass marketing is less effective these days than it once was. What works is personalised one-to-one marketing. To speak to your customers on a more personal way, you need to have ample information about them. This is why you need to keep a detailed note about your customers.

Some people prefer to write in small physical notebooks; others use an online customer relationship management application. Whatever you use, ensure you have the right business insurance in place to ensure you are protected in the event that something unexpected happens.

5. Give Your Customers a Surprise

Do you want to delight your customers and make them share the experience with others? Do something that surprises them.

Here are a few ideas: call them on their birthday, send a physical gift on reaching a certain milestone in dealing with your company, send them a handwritten letter, and mention something they care about.

6. Show Your Customers That You Appreciate Them

People love being appreciated. Show your appreciation by sending them a thank you note.

To stand out, don’t just do it the usual way, be creative. You can send them a card, an instant message, or send a gift for their loyalty.


It is cheaper and easier to retain customers than winning new ones. Do all you can to make your customers happy, and they will reward you with more patronage and referrals.