5 Ways To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Business

In the technologically driven society in which we live, customer reviews are becoming far more influential than ever before in business. Research shows that more than 60 percent of consumers research online business reviews before deciding whether or not to do business with a particular organisation.

People are also more likely to make a purchase from an online business that has posted, positive user reviews. Without reviews, a business looks unpopular and unfrequented. Check out a quick overview, highlighting a few ways to get more customer reviews for your business.

Ask and make it easy to respond

If you do not ask for a customer review, you probably will not get one. As a matter of fact, you will probably find that only the really bad reviews push hard to be seen.

Provide an opportunity for every single customer that does business with your organisation to share their experience with the rest of the world. When people share their perspective on your services, it is easier to see the opportunity for improvement.

Social media makes everything better

Social media is a mass marketing tools and should never be omitted from a business plan. There are an array of different ways social media can benefit a business, and collecting reviews is one of the most influential components.

Your business’ social media profile should provide ample opportunity to join the review forces, and even offer some sort of special privilege for those who choose to participate.

Post reviews in strategic locations

Place customer reviews in an area of the company’s website that is frequently visited by online viewers. For example, if the reviews are pertaining to a particular product, then placing the reviews right beside or below the product description might be a good idea for placement.

On many mobile applications or mobile versions of a company’s website, it is common to place customer reviews all over the place. People are always interested in what other people think of a product or service.

Mix the good with the bad

You cannot get by with posting only stellar reviews, either. It is only fair to post a fair mixture of the good with the bad.

If you find too many negative reviews for your business, you could find ways to delete some of them by browsing through a few blogs on mittelstandcafe.de.

Before you do that, however, you’d want to know that a mix of positive and negative reviews can help consumers acquire better insight into how they can utilize a company’s products and services best, irrespective of the industry.

It is important to maintain a healthy ratio between the two. You will find that people are likely to be more suspicious of a company if all they see are picture-perfect reviews. Although it may seem counterproductive, people feel like negative reviews belong in the listings (to some extent).

Give incentive for writing a review

Offering incentive for anything will make people more likely to participate, and the same concept applies to company reviews. Obviously, it is a bad idea to offer a new car for every review, but some sort of incentive will boost results.