5 Tips on Planning a Fun Corporate Party

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A good team building event is a proven way to raise the productivity level of your employees. But planning a fun and successful corporate party can seem like a daunting task. Being in charge of a corporate party is a great opportunity to show off your planning skills, but how do you know where to start? Luckily, we have a few helpful tips that will have you planning a great event.

1. Come Up with a Unique Theme

Choosing an exciting theme will encourage people to talk about the party and to promote the event. Find out what your colleagues are interested in and choose something they can relate to. Make sure your theme is fun and that it aligns with your company’s identity and brand.

A casino themed party can bring in a lot of people because they get the opportunity to play games that aren’t always available. On the other hand, if you have a lot of science fiction fans in the office, an outer space themed party could be the perfect choice. Here is a list of 76 corporate party theme ideas for your inspiration.

2. Choose the Right Location

In or Out of Office?

Now that you have your theme, the next thing to figure out is the party’s location. Having the party in the office can be convenient as people don’t have to travel. If your party is more of a casual team-building event, then having it in-office could be perfect. However, be aware that an office location might discourage family members and friends from also attending the party. For this reason, some offices will use off-site venues and might hire a service similar to Dream Limousines (dreamlimousinesdetroit.com/our-limo-rental-fleet/party-buses/) to aid with transport for employees.

In general, larger events such as holiday parties are more successful when they’re held at another venue. Holding a holiday party somewhere outside of the office encourages a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Ideas for an Out of Office Corporate Party

Party Venue

For small events, consider getting in touch with a local cafe or restaurant. You can often rent these spaces for the evening, and they can be great for informal parties. If you’re expecting a large turnout, then you should consider renting a larger venue. Most hotels have banquet rooms you can reserve, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Museums, rooftops, and botanical gardens are all unique venue ideas.

Party Bus with a DJ

A party bus with a DJ is a fun way to treat your employees to a great night. Besides a DJ, professional event planners suggest to arrange a karaoke battle to pump up your party since most party buses have a microphone and a built-in sound system. Hosting your event in a party bus will give your employees a unique experience that they’ll be talking about for years. As an added bonus, most party buses will pick up your team at work, so they don’t have to travel. Party buses such as Texas party bus rentals are perfect for holiday parties or special events.

Seaside Getaway

When you want to say thank you to your team, a seaside getaway can be a great idea. Treat your team to a beachside hotel and plan for a day of team-building fun. Keep the event interactive by having a beach barbecue for dinner and organizing beach games throughout the day.

Brunch in a Town Cafe

Here is an advice from Stefanie-the manager at a Cajun restaurant BB’s Tex-Orleans in Houston, TX who has served a bunch of events like this: “If you’re planning a small event for your company, then a brunch in a local cafe could be the answer indeed. Reserve your favorite place in town and take your workers for an extended lunch break. This is a good way to treat your team without spending too much time on planning.”

Picnic in a Park

For a more family-friendly event, plan a picnic in a local park. Contact the park officials and reserve a pavilion for your group. If you plan on organizing a picnic, make sure you choose a day and time that will allow your employees to bring their families to the event. To make the event even more fun, ask your workers to bring in their favorite homemade dish.


A corporate party can be the perfect place to hold a workshop. At a party, your employees will feel more relaxed and ready to share ideas with the group. Keep the workshop light by incorporating a game that’s related to the party theme. Holding a workshop during a corporate party means that your company can stay productive while having fun.

3. Arrange Food and Drinks

When it comes to organizing food and drinks for your party, there are countless options. Be sure to choose something that goes well with the theme and location of your party.

Andrew, an administrator at Astral Catering in Houston,TX shares his professional opinion: “If you’re having a casual office party, there’s nothing wrong with ordering pizza and wings. For a company picnic, organize a potluck and have your employees bring in their favorite dish.

On the other hand, if you choose to have a more formal event, like a casino night, then hiring a catering company is the way to go. Having waiters offer hors-d’oeuvres to guests will elevate the event and keep it exciting.”

  1. Come Up with Fun Games

Keep your party interactive by organizing fun games. Choose games that work well with your theme and make sure the games combine luck with skill. If you stick with just sporting events, you might make some people feel left out. The same goes for games that require high levels of math, pop culture knowledge, or coordination. Keep the games fun and spontaneous.

The Laughing Game and Death by Winking are two games that can be played in almost any setting. Tug of War is also a great outdoor game that doesn’t rely too much on individual abilities.

5. Pick a Convenient Date

Ideally, it’s best to avoid planning a party on the weekend as most employees won’t want to attend a corporate event when they’re away from work. However, you also don’t want to lose an entire day of work to throw a party.

One of the best times to organize a party is on a Friday evening. Consider ending the work day a couple hours early and start your party then. This schedule means that more people will be able to attend because they will be free for the rest of the normal work day.