5 Things You Should Know About Getting A Nose Job

Getting rhinoplasty surgery, also known as “a nose job” isn’t always done strictly for cosmetic purposes. In some cases, it may be required to reduce symptoms of defects such as deviated septums or other sinus issues.

Since your nose plays such a crucial role in the layout of your face, it’s essential that you take the proper precautions in order to guarantee a positive result. If you’re considering getting a nose job, then here are six things that you should know.

The Results Won’t Be Immediate

When you first get your nose job, you will be bruised and swollen. Most people will also have a splint which covers up a large portion of their face. Don’t panic! This is only temporary and part of the healing process.

By following your doctor’s instructions, you’ll be able to minimize bruising and start seeing the results you hope for. However, it will take some time!

Perfection May Not Be Possible

When you undergo rhinoplasty, it’s vital that you have realistic expectations first. Regardless of whether you go to the best plastic surgeon in the world, sometimes the perfect result may not be possible.

Your bone structure may not be formed in a way that is easy for a surgeon to produce your desired results. There are many factors which can come into play which your doctor can explain before your operation.

You Will Need To Take Time Off Of Work

Although rhinoplasty requires less healing time than a procedure like a tummy tuck, you’re still going to have to take some time off of work.

You’ll need to rest and avoid doing anything strenuous for at least two weeks. Therefore, it’s vital that you arrange to have time off in your schedule to ensure you have enough time to heal.

A Nose Job By a Good Surgeon Will Be Undetectable

A talented surgeon knows how to achieve natural results that don’t look like you blatantly had a nose job. Your nose will be blended seamlessly into the rest of your face, complementing your natural features. So if you are considering it, research and find the best rhinoplasty Denver surgeon who can reconstruct your nose and make it seem natural.

Rather than your nose being the center of focus, it will play a part in balancing everything out.

You May Require Additional Surgery

In some situations, regardless of the surgery going well, revision surgery may be required. Depending on your healing process, there may still be a few flaws which need to be corrected.

You may find that you aren’t happy with the result and need to make an additional appointment once your doctor gives you the clear.

Since not everyone is an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty, results can vary. That’s why it’s crucial that you remain flexible and realistic when preparing for your surgery.