4 Reasons to Pair Corporate Ties with a Tie Clip

Corporate ties can increase brand awareness, make your staff members stand out, and ensure a smart, uniform appearance across your entire workforce. That makes them a clever choice, and their advantages are only enhanced with the addition of a tie clip.

Here are just four reasons why a corporate tie demands its own tie clip.

  1. Enhances Business Style

Tie clips aren’t often seen in nightclubs, weddings, or parties. The reason is simple: the tie clip is seen as a business-focused accessory. Business formal is just the image most companies want to project when they order their corporate ties, so adding tie clips to your order is a smart move. Your staff will look stylish without losing a sense of efficiency and purpose.

  1. Keeps the Tie in Check

A tie clip is the perfect accessory for adding a little style and projecting the image of a dapper man or woman, but their central purpose is a practical one. When you wear a tie clip, the tie itself is unlikely to move around and get tangled. Instead, it stays comfortably in place. That’s ideal when you’re dealing with corporate ties since most wearers will be moving around frequently and wearing their ties throughout the day.

  1. Adds Uniformity

Corporate ties create a sense of uniformity, but there’s always a chance your staff members will look like just another guest or client if your company colours are relatively subdued. Adding a tie clip helps them stand out – it’s a subtle way to show just who is who.

  1. Perfect for Branding

Plenty of businesses dislike the idea of branding their company name or logo directly on the tie. If you’re looking for a more subtle or upscale appearance, it’s generally better to stick with company colours. If you still want to add the name of your business, the tie clip is a perfect finishing touch. Engraving on metal looks more natural, and it provides a very strong impression of your business.