4 Reasons To Outsource Your IT Support

Outsourcing is becoming an ever more popular way for companies working in a variety of sectors to reduce their costs, streamline their operations, and gain access to high-level skill sets. Outsourcing involves allocating an external company to manage a particular aspect or aspects of your company and so freeing up your time and other company resources. In the case of IT, outsourcing to a third party will mean that your business has access to the latest knowledge and hardware at an affordable price. According to one study, conducted by Computer Weekly Magazine, the uptake of outsourced IT support services has seen a year on year increase of around 5.9%.

Reduce Staff Costs

Hiring a full-time on-site IT manager is an expensive prospect. Not only that but the initial recruitment process will be more involved than normal, as you will be hiring for a highly specialized position. You will also need to train an IT manager throughout their career to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest technical know-how. By contrast, if you outsource your IT to a third party they will absorb these costs, leaving you free to take advantage of both expertise and hardware for a fraction of the cost.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

There are an endless array of new technological innovations springing up every year and the landscape of the IT world is constantly in a state of change. Because of this, in order to stay at the cutting edge of things, companies have to ensure that their IT staff have been trained in all the latest software packages and practice. This quickly becomes expensive and it can also occupy a considerable amount of your employees’ time. Outsourcing to an external IT company means that they take on the cost and time burdens of training employees. You will also have access to a number of different skill sets as the company you outsource to will have multiple individuals working with each company. For example, IT companies like The PC Support Group have various services and products like cloud services, cyber security, data protection and recovery, and other services in the related to IT. They may also have a special team for each of their services, helping you improve your productivity and protect your business through their professional services.

Add To In-House Skills

By combining outsourcing with having a dedicated on-site IT manager, you can focus your training of the on-site manager so that their knowledge is tailored to your company’s needs, while the company you outsource to can fill any gaps in their knowledge. Hiring outsourced IT services also means that you have a backup in place in case your primary IT manager isn’t available.

Increase Productivity

Many companies make the mistake of trying to save money by having one of their staff members with a reasonable knowledge of IT take on the role of managing it within the organization. This just isn’t the same as having access to the high-level knowledge that an outsourced IT department would be able to provide.

This approach also wastes time because one of your employees is trying to take on responsibility for the IT systems while also doing their own job.

Outsourcing your company’s IT services could save you a lot of money in the long run and dramatically improve the efficiency of your operations.