4 products that can work well with your custom packaging

The product that you sell to customers will comprise more than just the end good that they use. The product offering includes the feel of the buying experience, the customer service they get, and crucially the packaging that they receive the product in. Research indicates that shoppers are far more susceptible to packaging than we at first thought, with many selecting products based on the design and style of the packaging rather than the product itself.

Packaging has become a more popular trend in recent years for businesses looking to create packaging for their products that is truly unique.

Here we show you some of the different products that can work well with good quality custom packaging. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Coffee and hot beverage custom packaging

Coffee is a product that is worshipped by many and has in recent years gained more of a cult-like following with more and more ‘experts’ emerging in the field. With consumers looking for increasingly tailored and unique experiences when it comes to coffee, now could be the perfect time for new coffee companies to invest in custom packaging.

Custom packaging could take the form of instant coffee containers or perhaps on a larger scale physical coffee machines. Many shoppers will select their item based on the perceived quality of the product they infer from the custom packaging.

  • Ties and other clothing packaging

Clothing is an industry where the style of the packaging can be as important as the product itself. With more people looking to purchase from lifestyle brands and smaller set-ups, some well-designed custom packaging could help your clothing brand stand out from the 1000s of competitors. Whether you are sending your product to a customer’s doorstep, or displaying it in a retail store, you can find companies similar to Epic Packaging that can give you the right packaging for your product. Custom packaging can take the form of tie and dress boxes and the additional packaging on jeans and t-shirts. Just remember to make your custom packaging easy to remove so that you don’t alienate your new customers.

  • Wine and other alcoholic drink custom packaging

Alcohol is a booming industry with a very loyal customer base. Whilst many consumers will stick to their favourite brands religiously, some are more willing to experiment and will be willing to try new products. Good custom packaging here both in terms of the can/bottle and boxing could help you gain new customers. Having good branding on the custom packaging is particularly important for microbrewers that are fighting in a competitive market.

  • Custom packaging for perfume and toiletries

Rarely will custom packaging see as much mileage as it does when it comes to perfume and toiletries? Many consumers will keep the products in their packaging as a means of storage and protection for glass and other breakable items. With many brands looking to market themselves as ‘luxury’ in this sector, getting tasteful custom packaging is crucial.

And when this customised packaging is made with sustainable products, it adds to the brand value and may help a brand acclaim overwhelming attention. With the variety of cosmetics and face care products getting launched in the market every now and then, making the containers reusable along with adopting such methods of packaging would help reduce plastic waste from the market and eventually from the environment.

Whatever your product, custom packaging can help

Here we have only listed some of the different products that can benefit from custom packaging. The reality is you are truly limited only by your imagination when it comes to creating great packaging for your product, just make sure you pick a good supplier to get the best custom packaging possible.