The Best Tools for New Businesses

Regardless of whether you’re starting out on your own or as part of a small business, there are a number of challenges you will face as your business grows. From accounting to business management and marketing, you’ll have to learn a range of skills from the outset to help get your business off the ground.

It may seem like a daunting task trying to juggle all of the demands of a new business, however there are a range of tools that you can utilise to manage your workload, as well as make your business more productive. Read on to learn more about top online tools for business and how they can help you to achieve small business success.

Accounting Software for Self Employed

If you’re new to business and finance, you’ll need to invest in a good accounting software to help you organise and manage your new business’ finances. As a new business, you may not have the funds to hire an accountant in the early stages, therefore, you’ll need accounting software that is simple and easy to use.


Xero is a simple and affordable software that can help you with your basic accounting needs. There are 3 main plans, each with different prices and offerings. However, some of the features that come with all plans include:

  • Send invoices and quotes
  • Manage and submit VAT online
  • Reconcile bank transactions
  • Enter bills
  • Add payroll employees

Not only this, but your data is automatically securely stored on their cloud database and backed up regularly, so you know your data is safe.

Productivity Tools for Small Business

Learning to become more productive is an essential skill for new business owners. If you’re running a business on your own, you’ll need to find a way to organise your own workload. Whereas if you employ others, you’ll need to find a way to increase and maintain your team’s productivity levels.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of productivity tools out there to help you organise and make the most of your time. Read on to learn more.


Trello is one of the best free tools for small business owners on the market. It is an organisational tool that will help you to keep all your business’ processes in one place. It allows you to set tasks and create projects and collaborate with others, making it a great tool to utilise if you’re working as part of a team.


As a business, it’s likely that you’ll be signed up to a wealth of sites, softwares and subscriptions, and with each of these accounts comes a different password to go with them.

To make things safe and secure, no two passwords should be the same, but it can be a challenge staying on top of so many account passwords.

LastPass securely stores all of your existing passwords in one place, therefore you only need to think about one password going forward.

Social Media Management Tools

Promoting your business on social media is a great way to drive conversions, increase brand awareness and connect with your customers. However, it can be difficult to allocate time and effort to your social media channels with a range of other business tasks to juggle alongside this. That’s where Buffer comes in.


Buffer allows you to control and post to multiple social media platforms from one website, saving you time and money as a business owner. It is compatible with all of the major social media platforms, including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Small Business Management Tools

If you’re new to the business world, business management can be a difficult process to get the hang of. This is especially true if you’re a solopreneur, as you’ll have to be proactive in managing your own time and business tasks. Below, are some of the tools that you can utilise to make this process easier.

G Suite

The G Suite by Google allows you to connect and combine all of the different Google features such as: Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar, to name a few. You also can store all of your business documents on their cloud storage system, Google Drive, allowing you to keep everything in one easy to find place.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps you to turn your website into an e-commerce platform. You can add it to an existing site or build a new e-commerce site from scratch, and the plugin allows you to sell products, manage orders and monitor product reviews, as well as much more.

Get a Cash Injection for Your Business

Getting your business is only one of the first hurdles you’ll face as a business owner, after this point, you’ll need to use all of your skills to stay afloat. However, no business is immune to hard times and there may be a time in future when you need an extra cash injection tide you over. Fortunately, a merchant cash advance can help.

Once you’ve been trading for at least 3-6 months and you’ve built up a substantial history of card payments, you’ll be eligible for a merchant cash advance. This allows you to obtain a loan from a lender, in exchange for a percentage of your future sales. Read this Merchant Cash Express Guide to see if this could be a viable finance option for you.

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