The Pros and Cons of Blogging in 2017

Blogging has been around almost since the creation of the internet. Those who started their blogs in the 90s or even early 2000 enjoyed the golden age of being among the few who were sharing their knowledge with the virtual world.

Fast forward a decade or so and blogging is everywhere! Millennials blog as an ordinary part of their lives, and businesses too have now realised the power of blogs. But here’s the thing, businesses are not just blogging because they enjoy the art of writing, but because it has become a very powerful SEO marketing tool.

However, we need to consider that blogging in 2017 is not the same as blogging back in the 1990s. A lot has changed since then and writing a few posts is not enough to reach your target audience. Check out the pros and cons of blogging in 2017.


  1. You are the master in your business niche, so who better than you to explain to the audience the benefits of your product and service.
  2. Blogging allows your business to engage on a more personal level with your clients and possible clients. This helps to humanise your brand by allowing you to address issues or concerns with you clients in a more extensive way. As a result, it helps your brand increase trust. If you’re thinking of starting an insurance blog, for example, head to iLife Technologies for more advice.
  3. Blogging allows you to expose yourself in a more authoritative manner. You become the voice of wisdom regarding your niche.
  4. It helps increase your presence in the virtual world by giving Google crawlers more pages to identify you by. As a result, this improves your SEO.
  5. The more you blog the more chance you have of reaching your audience. Every article becomes a page and every page becomes indexed by Google, giving you a higher chance of being found in the SERPs. It’s like buying lotto tickets, the more you buy the higher your chances of willing. Luckily for you your chances of being found are higher in the virtual world than winning the lottery.
  6. If keyword research is done effectively, it can become a great tool to drive traffic to your site. Your business has its own keywords, which are used to identify your brand or service. These keywords can do wonders when it comes to search engines. Nevertheless, identifying the right keywords and optimizing your content can be a complex task. In this regard, taking the help of a professional keyword research service can be invaluable. It can help you uncover the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for your site. However, make sure to read reviews by reputed SEO professionals or keyword research providers like Gotch SEO Academy to ensure you are choosing the best keyword research company.
  7. It gives you a wider form of expressing every aspect of your business, since every idea, every product, every service can become a story worth telling.
  8. It supports your social media by giving you content that is useful to be posted on your social media channels. It also makes it a shareable piece of content that can break barriers and sometimes go viral. Giving you a lot of exposure.


  1. The virtual world has become saturated with content. According to MarketingProfs, 2 million blog posts are written every day. This means there’s more competition, your blog posts are competing against millions, which puts the extra pressure of making them stand out.
  2. It’s crucial to keep consistency in the number of articles that you publish every week. Google crawlers tend to prefer those sites who add content on regular basis than those who post sporadically. Consistency is key. This can become a problem for small business who take it upon themselves to create their own content. The hassle of work plus keeping the site up to date can create a conflict of interest as to what should get done first, as a result blogging tends to be forgotten, along with consistency.
  3. It’s not enough for you to write a post a publish it. A post needs to be flawless, perfect grammar, perfect spelling, keyword writing, and have over 300 words to be taken seriously by the Google crawlers. Yes! Your posts get sort of graded by the crawlers, if you’re not pushing to make them excellent, then chances are that they will get lost in the oceans of blog posts of the virtual universe.
  4. Getting the content to be viewed can be a challenge, you’re probably not new to the overload of information that we’re facing in the XXI century. Everyone has something to say and their words are out there competing against yours. You have the blog post, but getting views is a challenge if you don’t know how to market that piece of content.