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Surviving the Annual Real Estate Sales Slump

Make no mistake about it, the real estate industry is a very lucrative one to get into if you have the right vision as realtor and I guess this is why it is indeed such as tight-knit market. It’s very challenging to crack and ...Read More

5 Tips for Starting Out in Real Estate Investing

If you’re looking for a great investment to supplement your income, real estate investing may seem appealing. It’s grown in popularity lately, largely thanks to the media coverage. We’ve seen people turn a $100,000 dump into a $250,000 dream home, so it’s understandable why ...Read More

The Best Short-Term Investment Options

When we think of investments we think of the long term, and we often think of a large start up pool of money to draw from, but increasingly neither of these things are true for new investors. New technologies and attitudes towards investing have ...Read More

The EB-5 Investment Market in Brazil

The EB-5 market is very young in Brazil. It is even younger in other countries in Latin America. We can learn much from how the industry has evolved in China. There are winners and losers and what can and cannot be applied to the ...Read More