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The EB-5 Investment Market in Brazil

The EB-5 market is very young in Brazil. It is even younger in other countries in Latin America. We can learn much from how the industry has evolved in China. There are winners and losers and what can and cannot be applied to the ...Read More

Obesity, weight loss and society

Being overweight = a big problem Almost everywhere you might travel in the world, obesity and being overweight is a huge problem. In the western world, not only does being overweight involve many people to feel unhappy with the way that they look, but ...Read More

Making Positive Changes to Your Life

Many consumers find that they are not always satisfied with the direction that their lives are heading. More often than not, this is a feeling that comes along when a person runs into money problems. Consistently struggling with your finances can be frustrating and ...Read More

Noonan: BoI and Danske mortgages are too high

Michael Noonan, the finance minister, has criticised Bank of Ireland and Danske bank for charging above average rates on their historic variable mortgage loans. The finance committee yesterday scrutinised new legislation aimed at tackling the high rates for 300,000 mortgage holders who are paying ...Read More

The Wolf of Rural Ireland

He is accused of duping clients such as Foster and Allen out of millions. Now he’s offering advice to indebted businesspeople. Is Patrick Russell back to his old tricks In 2013 Ian McLaughlin, a livestock dealer from Moate, Co Westmeath, was facing a six-figure ...Read More