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Why Provide Conference Materials in Bespoke Paper Bags?

When you welcome attendees to your conference, you’ll usually be expected to provide conference packs. These will contain practical items, such as schedules for each talk, plus a few promotional items. Of course, some conferences choose to provide such materials in simple unbranded bags, ...Read More

How to Write a Customer Review For a Law Firm

A customer review is the customer’s shot at telling the world how amazing a business is or warning the general public to stay away. You have the chance to sing the praises of an individual employee or explain a situation that might give the ...Read More

3 Tips for Managing Credit Card Payments

Accepting credit cards in your business is one of the ways to increase your sales volume because about 70% of U.S. consumers have at least one credit card. However, many small businesses tend to avoid accepting credit card payments because processing for credit card ...Read More