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4 Reasons to Renew Your Office Lease

There several reasons that might lead you to consider renewing your office lease. Below is a compiled list of reasons that might influence you to take this approach 1.      It’s easier and cheaper to renew an office lease. For many business owners, the most ...Read More

Reap The Business Benefits Of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback may be one of the most underrated aspects of business.  Too often, entrepreneurs and other business owners overlook the power of the spoken word of their customers. People are, by nature, followers.  You, as a business owner, are responsible for playing the ...Read More

How Technology is Shaping the Money Transfer Industry

The introduction of innovative fintech techniques in the money transfer industry is still relatively new. Each year there are billions of dollars transferred internationally in the form of remittances or for purposes other than that (investment and more). Traditionally this money was transferred in ...Read More

5 Social Media Fails To Steer Clear Of

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. While some companies acclaim their success to social media, others rue their failures due to social media. Social media has many pitfalls and it is best for you to know them. Take the example of ...Read More

A Day Trading Education

How does one become a profitable day trader? How does one attain financial independence without even a step into a big investment bank or hedge fund office? You do it with day trading, You don’t need a fancy finance degree to make it as ...Read More

Six Consumer Issues For Which You Need an Attorney

Did you know that in the year, 2015 alone, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other law enforcement authorities received more than an astounding 3 million complaints from consumers that had been harassed by companies and other agencies? Some of these consumers had found ...Read More

5 Handy Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

Whether you are running an e-commerce portal, a restaurant down the street or a consultancy firm. To thrive in the present marketplace, you need an excellent customer service. Not convinced? Here are some insightful statistics supporting the same: As per research, over 55% of ...Read More